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Preliminary Audit On Alaskan Mining Longevity

|Includes: Linux Gold Corp. (LNXGF)

Objective: To gain a clearer perspective on the longevity of investment in the junior mining industry in Alaska.

Source: Linux Gold, Kinross, Alaskan Geologic Survey, Website Forums


Shallow gold deposits in Alaska are no longer. Junior minors of Alaska depend largely on grand mining operations to collect massive volume of gold dust.


The company in which I have invested, Linux Gold, seeks to sell a property which is expected to be worth a reasonable value. When? This deal has gained the declaration of stagnant, concluded as overdue by self, expressed in anticipation by investor relations, and judged as disappointing by a number of Linux Gold investors in the past several years--Stockchase, Yahoo Finance, and many others.

The geologic survey indicates that gold desposits become scarce with depth. Real longevity in stock market planning, is achieved by senior mining companies such as Scorpio and Kinross--a prospective buyer on a Linux Gold primary property.

Despite platinum and iron placer values which also have bearing on sharehold price, due to asset value, a nudge has been received about a latent account for a missing 2015 June filing, and this nudge is an announcement to be expected.

Preliminary Conclusion:

Alaska is known as a top mineral producer in the United States. Although the precision of Alaskan mineral production estimate is unconfirmed in this report, and despite a great possibilitythat Linux Gold will see increased shareholder values in the coming years, Alaskan mining is on an earthly decline, withstanding shareholder and global economic conditions.

Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a short position in LNXGF over the next 72 hours.

Additional disclosure: I have shares in LNXGF penny stocks and recommend against investing in this company upon further inspection; against an industry that should be privately-owned and in geologic decline.