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Sunvault Energy Inc. A Hidden Gem In Renewable Energy And Solar Sector.

|Includes: Sunvault Energy, Inc. (SVLT)

Sunvault Energy Inc. is committed to bringing cost effective generation and energy storage to the solar industry through a seamless, novel and simultaneous integration of energy generation and storage at the molecular level. This technical approach is a first and has the potential to enable the lowest overall system cost at maximum efficiency.SVLT,in my opinion is a hidden gem in the solar energyand service business sector. They have a diverse and growing business and a enabling technology portfolio.As of 3/28/2014 the stock closed at .$24.

They have a Technology collaboration agreements signed with the University of South Florida and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Boston.The Company has filed an 8K describing the licensing agreement with the University of South Florida.

The Company is currently in discussions with the University of South Florida to define the scope of work to finalize the Research Agreement between the two parties.

With MIT, The collaboration agreement calls for continued support and development of the Sunvault 3D PV (Photovoltaics) appliance. If successful, the new version under development will allow more flexible optimization and faster simulation times. The identification of meaningful and relevant boundary conditions for weight, size, cost, structure of the Sunvault 3D PV Blade will assist the company in defining a set direction for the Company technology. Two demo units will be created for demonstration purposes, with one specifically for Sunvault Energy demonstration purposes.

"We believe that working with MIT under this collaborative agreement will expedite Sunvault technology into real world applications," stated Gary Monaghan, Sunvault President & CEO. "We at Sunvault are of the opinion that the ability to harness solar energy over a 3D Appliance will move Solar Technology to a place where it could potentially have incredible impact within the solar power generation industry," Monaghan continued.

The Sunvault 3D PV (Photovoltaics) appliance's significance is the ability to reduce the required footprint and cost associated to traditional solar energy generation, collection and storage. Sunvault management believes the technology has the potential to revolutionize how solar energy is generated, stored and utilized.

The Company believes technology that allows the generation of power and the storage of same within a single solar chipset could alter the massive smart phone and mobile electronic device industry. "The Research agreement is the first step towards accomplishing our future goal of a smart phone that may never require a charge," says Monaghan. "As the smart phone market goes past the 1.4 billon user mark, this is a market that Sunvault will be focusing on," he continued.

Initially the scope of work will be to augment the smart phone power supply thereby reducing the amount of electricity that has to come for plugging in the phone to get a charge, with the final goal to make a device that can be the phone's sole source of electricity.

They also have recently purchased a 56% stake in, CleanGen Inc. (NYSE:CGI)which is developing and acquiring assets to create a synergetic group of companies that specialize in environmental solutions.CleanGen Inc. has various operating entities within the corporation including CuttingEdge Tire Recycling LP, CleanGen Power Corp., CleanGen Aboriginal HR Services, and Coole Immersive.

Cutting Edge Tire Recycling LP has been operating on the Ponoka lands under a lease agreement over the last 8 years. With this land purchase, CleanGen is now able to proceed with development plans that will allow for increased productivity, efficiency and revenue.

"We are extremely pleased with this purchase which increases our site from 12 acres to 30 acres and allows the next stages of our new plant and future developments that were restricted by our lease agreement. The County of Ponoka also seems pleased as it brings a sense of longer term stability and promotes the beginning of an industrial park embedded in their longer term County plans," stated William (Bill) Hunter, CEO.

Cutting Edge has the capacity for tire sizes ranging from large mining tires including 5980R63, to passenger and light truck tires.

Through the application of clean, green technologies and products while working with Aboriginal peoples, their communities and organizations.

It is our opinion, this is a growth stock which is poised to grow within the next 6-12 months.Target 2.00-3.00.


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