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The Natural Resources Hub: Sign Up Today To Enjoy 20% Discount

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This is how we're going to celebrate the 1st anniversary of The Natural Resources Hub (TNRH).

We are offering you a 20% discount off the annual rate, and you can sign up on a free trial too!

As I have been told, so many members benefit from the actionable investment ideas presented at the Marketplace service and discussed in the Chat Room. You can too!

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The natural resources sector

The natural resources sector - from oil and natural gas (OIL)(USO) to minerals (XME)(PICK) - is emerging from a multi-year slump. As such, investors now have a once-in-a-decade opportunity to pick up great businesses at incredibly low prices, which are expected to deliver multi-bagger returns in the next few years.

Additionally, in today's richly-valued stock market, the natural resources sector is arguably one of the few areas deep values can still be had for a song.

In the long run, you benefit as a natural resources investor from inflation protection and diversification; commodity cycles are generally asynchronous with the S&P 500 or DJIA. As Jeremy Grantham said,

  • "We believe the case for investing in resource equities is compelling. Historically, investors in resource equities have enjoyed strong returns, along with diversification and inflation protection benefits. Investors in resource equities also gain exposure to global growth and potential commodity price appreciation."

What benefits does TNRH provide you?

As a natural resources expert who has worked in the sector for decades, and a Ph.D. in geoscience, I believe I can help you become a better investor in this sector and take advantage of the enormous upside we're starting to experience.

  • I conduct quantitative valuations on the natural resources businesses. I know how to spot trends and discern key inflection points in these stocks to capitalize on the opportunities ahead of the market.
  • My knowledge and experience in the sector mean I can provide actionable investment ideas and produce objective, in-depth, valuation-based research reports to support the investment theses.
  • In short, I offer an industry insider's take based on quantitative valuation.

GeoPark, my best oil stock pick for 2017 (see here), ended the year as the best E&P stock (see here), returning 129%. In 2018, several of new picks are already starting to deliver. My Seeking Alpha Top Idea Ivanhoe Mines (see here) hit the road running, already delivering gains for investors in a short period of time. My success in stock picking is a direct result of my in-depth research and my high-quality valuation of businesses, which I share with The Natural Resources Hub members.

As a member of The Natural Resources Hub, you'll benefit from access to my deep-dive research and receive my best investing ideas in the natural resources sector. My goal is not only to provide you with specific, valuation-based, actionable investing ideas but also help you be a well-informed investor by becoming more knowledgeable about how I approach investment targets and my decision-making process so you can implement them in your own investing.

As a member of The Natural Resources Hub community, you get:

  • Exclusive access to my proprietary, deep-dive research on individual natural resources stocks and in-depth commentary on trends in the sector.
  • Full access to all the public-side articles written by me, even though they are behind the paywall according to the Seeking Alpha policy.
  • Comprehensive reports that examine key metrics and help investors delve deeper into natural resources names, including:
    • Asset reports: Assets are critical for valuing natural resources firms. A comprehensive, up-to-date, detailed report on the acreage and resource/reserves held by a company is a must-have in evaluating asset quality, analyzing cost-structure, and estimating intrinsic value.
    • Company Survey: I synthesize the facts and my observations about a company, including its assets, products, finance, management, and industry setting, into a valuation-based, actionable investment thesis exclusively available for members.
    • Daily updates, early view of the un-redacted Weekly Rambling: I keep my members posted on changing industry conditions and company-specific new developments in natural resources to help you make informed investment decisions with the latest news, insights, and analysis available.
    • Model Portfolios and trading alerts:┬áThe model portfolios for investors in pursuit of capital appreciation or income mirror the real investment accounts of my family which under my management have outperformed the┬ámarket indices for over a decade. The TNRH Model Portfolio returned 49.6% in the year, taking relatively low risks. I eat what I cook. Members have access to my best ideas, and the opportunity to be alerted about new purchases and exits from the various positions inside the portfolio on the fly and daily.
    • Chat Room: Members can engage with me in a lively, interactive chat room, where they can get my opinion on a specific natural resources name, and/or participate in idea sharing, data exchanges, and high-quality conversation in The Natural Resources Hub community. In addition, members can enjoy exclusive commentary and interaction with other top professional investors and experts in the natural resources space who use the Chat Room to bounce off each other stock trade ideas.

Below are the differences between the benefits you can draw as a non-follower, a follower, or a TNRH community member.

Feature Free & No Follow Free & Follow TNRH
Type of Analysis General investment topic General investment topic; Get email alerts upon publication Specific, valuation-based, actionable investing ideas
Trading signals No trade alerts No trade alerts Get daily alerts on buy/sell signals based on estimated intrinsic value and adequate margin of safety.
Follow-up tracking No No Regular tracking as soon as information becomes available
Model Portfolios No No Yes. Full access to the model portfolios; Quarterly reviews.
Chat Board No No 24/7 access to Chat with Laurentian Research and serious investors in the natural resources sector, many steeped in industry knowledge and experience.

Weekly Rambling;

The MLP Digest;

The Energy Metals Digest

No Some recent samples Yes. Full access to Weekly Rambling, The MLP Digest, and The Energy Metals Digest;
Access to Author to ask follow-up questions.

Public-side articles

Non-followers may not be aware of my publication of a new article. Acess to un-paywalled articles. Full and permanent access to all public-side publications written by me and the accompanying comment boards.

How do I sign up?

Simple! Just click this link: The Natural Resources Hub (TNRH).