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Get off Goldman Sach’s Case

|Includes: Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), IAI, XLF

Sorry for this rant, but Im sick of everyone in the media concerning themselves with the facts that GS made a ton of money and are going to pay their workers well.  Although it is true that they took bailout money and were basically rescuedfrom bankruptcy… thats old news. 

And at the time nobody did anything to stop it… there were no riots across the country… nobody called their congressman and told them to stop the bailout… well maybe some of you did, but definitely not the millions of  disgruntled people and TV personailities that are now bitching about Goldman’s success.  I think that nobody would be bitching if they participated in the Goldman Sachs run of about 199% from its November low.

And yes there is reason to be mad that GS and the like are bigger than the government, but that has been the case for more than a century.   And now all the sudden people are waking up to this fact..?. but are likely going to hit the snooze bar again and do nothing about it.  ……  click full post below to continue


All the conspiracy theories on TV, in the paper, and websites dedicated to such are most likely true, but where does it all get you? Lets talk about relevant information and by relevant I mean makes us money.  After all that is what all of us are market speculators for ..right?  And that feeling that you have … you know the one that you are joining the dark side and contributing to the evil nature of these companies will pass when you have doubled your money, while the conspiracy theorists are still wasting time chasing their tail writing about more conspiracies.

So my question is how long do we have until GS is making new highs breaking out into the $200s  and on past $250 ?  Fundamentally looking at their earnings (chart below) they are already at earnings levels when they were in the $200 range…. so what is the black swan that can reverse this?  I have heard the 2nd half is going to be tougher, with some fluff answers that really wouldn’t reverse the stock to its lows…  The technicals are definitely in an overbought condition.. Anyone have a pulse out there?