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Why Canada Would Need Refugees To Help Its’ Declining Economy And The Role Of Cryptocurrency In This

The statement of Prime Minister Justin Tredeau a few weeks ago regarding Canada accepting Syrian refugees with open arms is a big slap on Europe face for having second thoughts on the increasing threat issue. The images of hungry, cold and desperate refugees being dragged out or worse shot down in between borders is a horrifying sight to see. We cannot deny the fact leaving one's futile and dangerous country is a heavy decision to make but denying these asylum seekers refuge is a much harder decision? Why, it gives the country the unfortunate chance to be infiltrated by terrorist forces and cause mayhem and destruction. If so then why is Canada opening up its borders? The answers maybe economically motivated.

Canada's Kiss With Recession

2nd Quarter of this year marked the onslaught of the "Looniepocalypse" the quarter where the Canadian Dollar sunked big time. In our previous entry before we recommended digital currencies like Bitgold being a medium to save and liquidate properties thus protecting one's asset from the said recession. This economic slump however was caused by the declining price and production of oil in the global market. Since this is Canada's main source of economic the decline heralded recession and caused a flurry among economists debating whether this is not truly a recession or just an overreaction.

So How Would Refugees Help the Canadian Economy?

Jobs, jobs and more jobs. The Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Canada are ready to start a new life and would take in anything for an opportunity, a shot for a normal life and blend in with the community. This also ultimately leads to them taking in jobs normally a majority of Canadians would ignore but critical in order to keep the country's economy running. Sure, this maybe blue-collar jobs but for a family who is starting their lives over again it means everything.

For Existing Immigrants There is Help Too

Immigrants from third world countries helping their families back in their homes by working abroad can help contribute to the sharp decline of the loonie. Cryptocurrencies like Bitgold can help boost the economy while giving these families instant, fast and safe access to their loved ones hard earned money when they need it most. With just a swipe of a card, or a few taps on a mobile phone we're helping these families and the economy bounce back again.