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The Making of a Zombie

James Pendelton, known as ‘JP’ in the upscale New York neighborhood, watched as the assault rifle tumbled end-over-end before landing in the Hudson River. He remarked, “See the steam?” noting the whiffs of steam bellowing off the hot barrel when it made contact with the cool river water. JP’s best friend cowardly hid behind a barrier stenciled with the letters FIRREA, the barrier had been in place for quite a while, left over from decades ago and no one ever asked what FIRREA meant – it had become a peripheral object, but the perfect place to hide when the bullets started flying.

She peeked just enough to see the steam, “Yes, I see it, is that the last of it? Are we done?”

JP scanned the street looking at the bodies, not one or two bodies but what must have been thousands of bodies. He motioned for Sheila to join him, “Come here, we still have a ton of work to do, we’re not done yet.”

Sheila slowly stepped over the barrier and was joined by JP’s partner, Clint Fox. Clint was known as CFO because he was all about the 0’s, the money. Just as CFO and Sheila made it to JP’s side, a horde of JP’s crew rounded the corner, “Well, well”, said JP, “let’s get started shall we?”

“Let’s be proficient, I want every body searched for any valuables. Start to my left and lets get this done in an orderly fashion.” JP ordered.

JP grabbed the leader of his crew by his sleeve, “you know what to do with the wills right?”

“Yes, I plant the wills, leaving everything to you, on each of the bodies.” Responded his crew leader. “Don’t you think it’s a bit much, isn’t this going raise suspicion?”

“Sure it will but it will be in the courts hands then. I’ll have everything and even if I return it – I’ll have it for years, making money hand over fist, it’s a win-win.”

“As you wish. You’re certain there are no witnesses?”

“The only witness is Shelia and by association she can’t say anything, plus her lawyers are in a better connected position than you are. I think we’ll be fine.”

The crew started their work while JP and Shelia leaned against the barrier, Sheila pointed out to JP that one of the crewmen was waving them over.

“This one is still alive.” Said the crewman when JP was close enough to hear, “What should I do?”

JP checked the mans body, “He’s mortally wounded, he’ll die. Plant the will and keep moving.” As JP was stepping over a body on his way back to the barrier, a hand from a supposed corpse grabbed his ankle causing him to trip and fall onto the pavement. JP fell with such force that it cracked his nose, gushing blood and specks of cartilage.

As he got to his knees, he saw another shareholder moving, then another, then another. Sheila began to scream, “They’re all moving, they’re alive. I thought you had taken care of this?”

“It will be fine!” shouted JP as his hand cupped his nose, examining the damage. The corpse in front of him stood and ran toward Sheila. She eked out a terrifying scream and jumped behind the barrier, just peeking enough to see what was happening.

One by one, the bodies started to twitch and roll on the pavement. Sheila was beside herself and she watched as JP ran towards the barrier. He never made it, he was swallowed up in a horde of zombies. Sheila watched as long as she dared, she watched as JP was torn to shreds in the frenzy of zombies. She decided to make a run for it and just as she stood she heard a ghastly scream from the horde, “FIRREA!” one the zombies screamed pointing in her direction.