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Stock market and analysis

The current enviroment for stocks is dismal at best.  A 30% + run in the last two months, rising interest rates, hyper inflation on the horizon, slow if any earnings growth...but we know all this.  What is the real problem?  The ease of buying, selling and shorting via etf's.  We have lost sight of long term investing it seems forever.  Pack your bags and say good bye to the buy and hold ideology, it's DEAD.  So what comes with this is a host of problems for investors and the stock market predictions for the future.  It's amazing to me those pundits such as Cramer who wish to ignore technical analysis.  WHO do you think moves the markets, fundamentalist?  I don't think so.  The advent of etf's but a nail in that coffin.  So if you are wise you will adopt a bit of technical ananlysis in your own model.  It will ensure you don't end up with a 40% down year.  What can you adopt?  Even the greenhorn can watch a monthly chart of the S&P 500.  If the price closes below the 20 month moving average line than sell.  If it closes back above the line do the opposite.  Geez I wish everything in life could be so simple.  Happy Trading!  The support team of