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Mar. 10, 2019 12:55 AM ETGLD, SPY
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I believe investing starts with a logical theory and ends with a mathematical and practical test. Anyone can win but few are stubborn enough to. I am a student in the networking and learning phase of the investment world. Thankfully, even though I have not yet been through the blood, sweat, and tears, I still have an equal shot at success in the markets as everyone else.


  • 3/8/19 Trades for 3 different portfolio strategies.
  • Each of 3 portfolios started with $1,000,000 of "fake" money on 3/8/2019.
  • Adjustments are made each Friday.
  • Goal: 1%/month.


Thank you for your interest in following my portfolio strategies. I hope to find a mixture of the three may be optimal with other standard fixed income instruments.

This past week in the markets have been a bit inactive compared to what the news has been. As fearful as I may be of a quick "dip" this week in the market, I do not believe there will ever be a perfect time to strategically invest. Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer.

Enjoy the weekend and good luck facing another week of markets!

Sam G.

Portfolio 1-$1,000,000


25% or $250,000 long "DIA"

25% or $250,000 long "XLU"

50% or $500,000 short 18 X 274 SPY straddles expiring 7 DTE on March 15th, 2019 for $4.45 each

Portfolio 2-$1,000,000


19% or $190,000 long "JJC"

14% or $140,000 long "PALL"

25% or $250,000 long "GLD"

19% or $190,000 long "SLV"

23% or $230,000 long "TUZ"

Portfolio 3-$1,000,000


-2.94% or short $29,400 "AAN"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "BIG"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "CW"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "DCI"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "EHC"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "FIVE"

+10.00% or long $100,000 "GEO"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "HAE"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "IDA"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "JBL"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "KEX"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "LGND"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "MANH"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "NDSN"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "ODP"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "PDCO"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "R"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "SF"

-2.94% or short $29,400 "TEX"

+10.00% or long $100,000 "UMPQ"

-33.30% or short $333,000 "SPY"

Disclosure: I am/we are long SPY.

Additional disclosure: ***Only for educational purposes. Investments have risk and risk may sometimes exceed initial capital. Past results do not guarantee future results.***

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