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CNY 80 Billion In Children's Wear Market In China 2010 - Currently, the annual sales volume of Chinese children's wear industry exceeds 3 billion, with the market scale of over CNY 80 billion. Since 2005, the fourth baby boom of China has occurred, which will last for 10 to 15 years. By the end of 2008, the number of Chinese children aged from 0 to 14 has reached 250 million. "Research Report on Chinese Children's Wear Industry, 2011-2012" predicts that in the future ten years, the children's wear industry will win the consumers with the strongest economic strength. Furthermore, with an enormous population base of newborn infants, the industry will continue developing in a positive way.

"In recent years, the sales volumes of various kinds of children's wear in Chinese urban and rural areas have shown a trend of increase with an annual growth over 10%." estimated by "Research Report on Chinese Children's Wear Industry, 2011-2012". As for consumption levels, the major demand has turned from medium and low-grade products to medium-grade products. The demand for medium and high-grade products increases rapidly. As for consumption volume, the consumption among middle-income group, upper middle-income group and high-income group shows an obviously rising trend, while that among lowest-income group, low-income group, lower middle-income group and highest-income group shows a downward tendency. The trend has illustrated that the middle-income group is the main body of consumption.

"Chinese children's wear enterprises have no leading brands, let alone listed companies. There are over 1,000 brands in Chinese children's wear market with low concentration, however.", according to "Research Report on Chinese Children's Wear Industry, 2011-2012"

Children's wear is different from adult clothes. When parents buy clothes for their children, the fabric of the clothes is their first consideration. The fabric shouldn't be harmful to children's skin. Then, parents will consider the safety. The zipper and buttons shouldn't hurt their children. When their children become a little older, parents will take quality, design, prices and brands into consideration.

At present, the brands of children's wear in China are divided into several categories. They are international sports brands like nikekids and Adidaskids, domestic brands developed from adult brands like Antakids, LiNingkids, SWkids and Balabala; brands with a certain scale like Paclantic, SOUHAIT, LITTLEBOBDOG, Mickey, Goodbaby and Les enphants;cartoon brands like Disney, the Lion King and the popular Xi Yang Yang; and foreign brands like In the Night Garden, Transformers and POPEYE. In addition, some European brands begin to pour into the Chinese market. These brands, represented by H&M and ZARA, pay more attention to small profit and quick return. Some famous brands in Chinese adult clothes industry have broadened their way to children's wear market, such as Anta, Li Ning, 361°, SEPTWOLVES and Giordano.

Currently, the famous brands in the Chinese market have their own styles. There are fewer and fewer phenomena of plagiarism and sameness. The pace of children's wear subdivision continues accelerating. The subdivision contains different levels, such as market pattern, region, enterprise pattern and brand style, etc. More trade forms will especially derive from the manufacture industry. Brand groups, marketing companies of professional brands, brand processors, brand retailers, exclusive retailers, professional purchasing agents, professional wholesalers, design companies and brand customization companies will come into being.

In recent years, many famous Chinese children's wear enterprises begin to cooperate with international brand companies. There is an overwhelming trend of the famous international brands to enter Chinese market.

"Research Report on Chinese Children's Wear Industry, 2011-2012" estimates that the scale of the Chinese children's wear industry will exceed CNY 150 billion by 2015.

Readers can acquire more information from the report" Research Report on Chinese Children's Wear Industry, 2011-2012"

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