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Imports & Exports of Anthraquinone Products in China 2010 - Anthraquinone is an important chemical raw material and organic intermediate that is broadly applied in the fields of dyestuff, papermaking, medicines, agricultural chemicals, etc. Chinese anthraquinone industry possesses bright development prospects. Anthraquinone dyes are a major type of dyes only second to azo dyes. They are widely applied in the dyeing and printing of fibers. Hydroxyl anthraquinone and aminoanthraquinone are both important commercial blue and green dyes with incomparable fastness. Anthraquinone compounds, with great medicinal value, also have widespread use in papermaking, oxyful production and information storage, etc. Therefore, the anthraquinone industry is of great promise.

A complete industry chain has been formed in Chinese anthraquinone industry. The industry is technologically and economically associated with a wide range of sectors. Particularly, it is tightly related to upstream basic chemical products like anthracene oil, crude anthracene, phthalic anhydride, pure benzene, naphthaquinone, butadiene, styrene, etc. Anthracene oil and crude anthracene come from the coal deep-processing industry. Phthalic anhydride and pure benzene are petrochemical products and directly come from petroleum. Thus, the fluctuation of the prices of coal and petroleum may significantly influence the production and sales of anthraquinone.

China is a large anthraquinone producing and exporting country. Major anthraquinone producers in China include Jiangyin Changjiang Chemical Plant and Changzhou Yabang Dyestuff Co., Ltd, etc. With the anthraquinone demand of the domestic and foreign markets rising continuously, the number of anthraquinone producers in China rises year by year. Presently, there is not any monopolistic brand in Chinese anthraquinone market.

With the development of anthraquinone application sectors, the demand for anthraquinone also rises continuously. According to "Research Report on Chinese Anthraquinone Industry, 2010-2011" by China Research and Intelligence, the annual anthraquinone demand in China maintains the growth rate of over 20%. In 2009, the demand reached 25,000 tons. In 2009, China exported about 10,798 tons of anthraquinone products and the export value amounted to USD 27.21 million. In January-August of 2010, China exported 13,499 tons of anthraquinone, rising by 121.7% YOY; the export value came up to USD 42.45 million, up by 183.8% YOY. The major overseas markets for Chinese anthraquinone products are USA, Canada, India and Brazil, etc. The African market is also growing.

"With the anthraquinone demand increasing continuously, the production in Chinese anthraquinone industry also sustained growth in 2006-2008. In 2008, the production reached 37,500 tons. In 2009, due to the slump of the demand in overseas markets, China's anthraquinone production dropped to about 35,000 tons. ", says by "Research Report on Chinese Anthraquinone Industry, 2010-2011"

With the rapid development of Chinese anthraquinone industry, it provides bright prospects for investors. "Research Report on Chinese Anthraquinone Industry, 2010-2011" predicted that more investors home and abroad will enter the market. Despite the rapid development, Chinese anthraquinone industry is exposed to many problems. The quality of domestic anthraquinone products is inferior to that of international advanced products. Foreign brands possess technological advantages. International anthraquinone giants think highly of Chinese anthraquinone market. Predictably, more worldwide companies will enter China. With the increase in the number of anthraquinone producers in China, the market competition will be more intense.

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