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Research Report of Chinese Toilet Water Market, 2009-2011

The toilet water has the functions of cooling, repelling mosquito, relieving itching and relieving prickly heat etc. and is the common summer household chemical product in Chinese ordinary families. With the successive development of Chinese national economy and the steady growth of the residents’ household consumption expenditures, Chinese toilet water market is continuously growing. However, the internal competition becomes fiercer and fiercer; the growth speed of the gross profit rate is cut down.


With a double-digit growth rate in recent years, the toilet water market in China is expected to reach a total sales amount of 2.5 billion RMB (USD 365 million) in 2009. Meanwhile the exploration of the rural market will invariably accelerate the development of the toilet water industry. Although the global financial crisis had an influence on Chinese economy to a certain extent, the daily chemical industry, with the toilet water market as its main part, has shown its capability of resisting economic recession and suggested great opportunities of investment. The issuance of the state new rural policies provides broad perspective for the toilet water market. At present, the creative and subdivided toilet water has a strong growth momentum.


In the process of writing this report, the author made further investigations into Chinese toilet water enterprises and market, and also interviewed some experts. Meanwhile, this report cites valuable second-hand information. 


This report researches the toilet water market, supplies and demands, concentration, development direction and investment opportunities through analyzing the present situation of Chinese Toilet water industry, prediction on the development trends, combining the sales channels and industry chains and making the most use of the detailed information, which provides important reference values for the users to carry bout commercial investments and formulate the development strategies.


More information can be obtained in this report:

- Present Situation of Chinese Toilet water Market

- Competition Situation and Trends of Chinese Toilet water Industry

- Major Enterprises and Their Operations of Chinese Toilet water Industry

- Investment Opportunities of Chinese Toilet water Industry

- Prediction on the Development Trends of Chinese Toilet water Industry


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