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Research Report on China's Valve Industry, 2010-2012 - The valve is a device used to make the media (liquid, gas and powder) in the pipes and equipment flow or stop as well as to control the flow volumes, acting as an indispensable fluid control device in the national economic departments, such as petroleum, chemical industry, power plants, long-distance pipelines, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, various low temperature engineering, space navigation and marine oil exploration.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the global valve market, many outstanding international valve manufacturers have closed down their factories in North America, Europe and Japan and shifted their factories to China, India, South Korea and Central Europe in order to reduce costs.

With the intensification of exploitation and utilization of oil and gas in China, China's valve market will increase sharply, making most valve manufacturers set up factories in China, resulting in the speed-up of the demands for valves in China. Recently, China is striving to narrow the gap with the U.S.A. With several years of development, the number of valve enterprises in China stands the first place in the world. There are about 6,000 large and small valve enterprises capable of providing over 3,500 varieties in over 40,000 specifications. In 2009, the scale of China's valve market reached over CNY 60 billion. China is expected to surpass America to become the largest valve market in the world in the next 2 to 3 years.

From the aspect of the products, China's valve industry has had the ability of producing more than a dozen categories of products, such as gate valves, cut-off valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, safety valves. with the highest and lowest temperatures of 570℃ and -196℃ respectively, at the highest pressure of 600 Mpa and with the largest drift diameter of 5350 mm.

However, mass high-end valves in the domestic market still depend on import, and most domestic produced valves belong to low added-value and labor-intensive products while few meet the international advanced technical level. At present, various valves produced by Chinese manufacturers have the shortcomings of inner or external leak, inferior quality in the externals, short in performance, etc. A part of the products are only equivalent to the international level in the early 1980s. Some valves used in the high temperature and pressure devices or crucial devices still depend on import. Besides, China's valve industry lags behind international enterprises in the fields of industry structure, industry chain and professional level.

The major factors that cause Chinese local valve products with inferior quality are as follows: due to sharp expansion of the market scale and technical weakness, numerous small manufacturing enterprises with poor equipment are successively entering valve production industry. Their products are mostly produced by imitation and short of core technologies, resulting in serious quality problems of the products.

At present, China's valve market is a rapidly expanding market with huge potential. Such projects as transmitting the natural gas from western areas to East China, reforms of old industrial bases, pipeline construction in the cities, disposal of polluted water and agricultural water conservancy construction are all in great demand for valves. China's valve market has a good prospect, which attracts massive investors home and abroad to enter successively.

The weakness of China's domestic valve enterprises and the great potential of China's valve market has created opportunities for foreign funded enterprises to move forward to Chinese market on a large scale. In recent years, foreign funded enterprises have been accelerating the entry into China's valve market and begun to carry out M&A with China's domestic enterprises.

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-Development of China's Valve Industry
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-Competition of China's Valve Market
-Import and Export of China's Valve Industry
-Factors Influencing Development of China's Valve Industry
-Investment Opportunities in China's Valve Industry
-Development Prediction on China's Valve Industry

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