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Research Report on China's Biopharmaceutical Industry, 2010-2012 - In China, biological products for human use include bacterial vaccines (including toxoid), viral vaccines, antitoxin and immune serum, blood products, cytokines, in vivo and in vitro diagnostic products and other active agents (including toxins, antigen, allergens, recombinant DNA products, etc.). In China, the veterinary vaccine belongs to not the biopharmaceutical industry but the realm of the veterinary drug. The ""biopharmaceutical"" in this report only refers to the biological product for human use.

China's biological product industry is an emerging industry only with a 20-year history. The sales revenue of China's biopharmaceutical industry in 2009 was about CNY 89 billion (about USD13 billion), accounting for less than 10% of the total sales revenue of the pharmaceutical industry. But its development potential is enormous, and its share in the pharmaceutical industry is on the rise.

Under the influence of such contributing factors as the rapid growth of China's economy, the increasing residents' income as well as their knowledge and demands for biological medicines, China's pharmaceutical industry market is gradually expanding with the rising status in the national economy and becoming a potential industry in the eyes of investors.

With the continuing advancement of medical standards and people awareness of the disease treatment, there are more treatment methods of non-conservative operations, promoting the development of the blood product market. Currently, there are over 20 species of conventional blood products clinically, belonging to such three subgroups as human serum albumins, immune globulins, and clotting factors.

As the consuming capacity of Chinese consumers and their awareness of protecting health enhancing, Chinese demands for vaccines for human use are growing and the market scale is expanding.

As consumers are deepening their understanding of types and efficacies of biopharmaceuticals, in vitro diagnostic reagent products are slowly approaching the families, and genetic engineering drugs and antibody drugs are also gradually replacing part of chemical carcinoma drugs with strong side effects, thus greatly benefiting the treatment of cancer patients.

In 2009, the export value of China's biopharmaceuticals reached USD 1.45 billion , increasing by 60.22% over 2008; the import value was USD 1.02 billion, increasing by 31.80% over 2008. Relative to other products produced in China, China's biopharmaceutical products occupy a very small share in the international market. However, the status of low market concentration of China's pharmaceutical industry and backward technology has created conditions for foreign companies to settle in China. The international biopharmaceutical enterprises have found the opportunities in Chinese market and are gradually further exploiting Chinese market.

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