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CRI Research Report On China's Major Passenger Vehicle Manufacturers, 2008-2013 - Based on abundant data, this report contains objective analysis. Once you order this report, we will keep you updated with the latest successive data on a quarterly basis till the end of 2013.

This report researched automobile manufacturing enterprises whose sales volume of passenger vehicles was above 200,000 in China market in 2012. It included eighteen automobile manufacturing enterprises, such as Shanghai GM, FAW-Volkswagen and Shanghai GM Wuling. The passenger vehicles' sales volume of these eighteen automobile manufacturing enterprises totaled about 11.69 million, accounting for 77% of the total sales volume of passenger vehicles in China. (View Source )This report basically covers the key passenger vehicle manufacturing enterprises and brands in China market and can perfectly reflects the current status of China passenger vehicle industry. CRI analyzes the passenger vehicle sales volume of the eighteen automobile manufacturing enterprises in recent years and discusses and explores the factors influencing the sales volume in 2012.

Through this Report, the Readers can Acquire the Following Information:

-Overview and Sales Status of the Eighteen Major Passenger Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises in China

-Factors Influencing the Sales Volume of China Passenger Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises in 2012

-Sino-Japanese Relations' Influence on Japanese Series Vehicles in China Market

-Monthly Sales Volume of China Key Passenger Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises

The Following Enterprises and People are Proposed to Purchase this Report:

-Automobile Manufacturing Enterprises

-Automobile Accessory Manufacturing Enterprises

-Automobile 4S Stores/Automobile Trade Enterprises

-Research Institutes and Investors Concerned about Automobile Industry