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Summary On Industry Research For Aluminum Can IPO By CRI

(CRI REPORT) - In July 2013, CRI successfully accomplished the research project on China Aluminum Cans (6898) IPO. During the process of the project, CRI was mainly responsible for investigating and predicting global and China aluminum can markets and analyzing the relationship and operation status of the related upstream and downstream industries. CRI analyzed global and China aluminum can markets based on two aspects. First, this project is based on CRI's rich experience in research and data mining, together with its massive databases and industry expert resources. Second, CRI has established several prediction and analysis models to conclude and summarize the facts, data, hypotheses and prediction. Therefore, this industry analysis is rather reliable with sufficient data and complete logic.

Industry research is an indispensable part of prospectus. First of all, through reading industry researches, investors and analysts can directly perceive enough information, such as the definitions and classification of products, the relationship of upstream and downstream industries, market scales, market prospects, etc. to quickly position the enterprise. Secondly, by fully and objectively revealing the strength and weakness of various enterprises, researches about segment product markets and benchmark enterprises can provide investors and analysts through comparison and analysis of various enterprise indexes. Finally, abundant data and theoretic projections can provide investors and analysts with basis for investment and decisions. When conducting industry researches for IPO, CRI will provide objective, impartial and reliable references especially based on the demands of investors and analysts.

Reviewing the whole process of the project, rigorous and efficient teams including Shenyin Wanguo Capital (H.K.) Limited, Donvex Capital, Ernst & Young provided reliable guarantee for the cooperation and also made CRI team quickly understand clients' demands to fully play its function in multi-team cooperation.

According to the investigation of CRI, promoted by the growing economy in beverage industry and emerging markets (e.g. China, Brazil and Indonesia), CRI forecast that global aluminum can markets will maintain the upward trend during 2013-2017 with the market value increasing from USD 31.7 billion to USD 41.7 billion and the CAGR of 7.1%. CRI predicted that the CAGR of aluminum aerosol output volume would be about 12% during 2013-2017.

CRI has been engaged in researching China markets for a long period. It covers more than ten categories and involves many processes like production and circulation. Meanwhile, CRI also provides customized services and different plans for different clients. In its long-term practice process, CRI provides clients with the most cost-effective services based on its efficient team operation. CRI is the ideal service provider of market research for IPO.

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