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CRI-Research Report on Chinese Logistics Industry, 2011-2012 - The logistics industry is a compound service industry integrating the transport industry, the warehousing industry, the freight forwarding industry, the information industry, etc. as well as an important component of the national economy. It involves wide fields, absorbs many employees, has a great influence on promoting production and stimulating consumption, and plays an important role in promoting industrial structure adjustment, transforming economic development mode and enhancing competitiveness of the national economy. 
As a production service industry, the logistics industry has a strong economic sensitivity, and is closely related to the national economy. In 2010, China's GDP reached CNY 39.80 trillion, rising by 10.30% YOY. Warm-up of China's economy has promoted development of the logistics industry. 
In 2010, China's logistics operation situation was generally good, and the operation efficiency improved. In 2010, the total value of China's social logistics was CNY 125.40 trillion, increasing by 15% YOY. 
In 2010, the ratio of total logistics costs and GDP in China was 17.80%, declining by 0.30% YOY, and the logistics operation efficiency saw a rise. In 2010, China's total logistics costs were CNY 7.10 trillion, ascending by 16.70% YOY. 
In recent years, benefiting from China's economic development, continuous improvement of logistics technology and constant expansion of the e-commerce market, China's logistics industry develops rapidly. Since the Chinese government issued Planning for Restructuring and Revitalization of the Logistics Industry in March 2009, it has supported the accelerated development of China's logistics industry with policies. However, development of China's logistics industry also confronts some unfavorable factors. 
Tax is one of important factors restricting development of the logistics industry. It is reported that the tax rates in various links of China's logistics are not uniform at present. The executed sales tax rate of transport, loading & unloading and handling is 3%, and the sales tax rate of warehousing, distribution, agency and other links is 5%. Repeated taxation is also a prevailing problem in the logistics industry. Because of business necessity, logistics enterprises often conduct specialization and cooperation as to the same transport business, easily leading to the problem of repeated taxation in the same business of different enterprises. 
Another problem influencing development of China's logistics industry is the excessively high road tolls and bridge tolls. Data show that 140,000 km of roads worldwide require tolls, including 100,000 km in China, which accounts for more than 70%. As for China's logistics industry, road tolls and bridge tolls directly account for over 1/3 of the total cost of logistics enterprises. Excessive toll stations have seriously affected the efficiency of China's logistics industry and raised the logistics costs. 
Meanwhile, China's logistics industry also faces such problems as large quantity, small scale, low management level and low equipment level of logistics enterprises. In the long run, M&A among logistics enterprises is a trend. 
It is predicted that in the next few years, China's economy will remain the annual growth rate of above 8%, and the demand for logistics will continue maintaining rapid growth. China's logistics industry starts rapidly extending from the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and other economically developed areas to central and western regions, and the rural logistics service system is being formed gradually. China's logistics industry will bring a lot of investment opportunities to investors.
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