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Research Report on Chinese Avermectin Industry, 2009-2010 --

Avermectin is a new antibiotic used for agriculture and animals. It has high bioactivity on mites and pests of many crops. It is also an ideal antibiotic insecticide and acaricide. It is broad-spectrum, highly effective, low residual and safe for people, animals and environment. In the first half of 2009, the prices of Chinese avermectin products continued to rise. Compared with the beginning of 2009, the price growth rate at the end of June rose by 50%. The sales status of avermectin products was much better compared with many other insecticide products. The main reasons for the price growth in Chinese market in the first half of 2009 are as follows:

1. After the prohibition of 5 hypertoxic pesticides, avermectin began to develop rapidly and its dosages were increased gradually.  It had become a common pesticide in China.

2. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (NYSEMKT:API) producers adjusted the prices according to market supplies and demands. But the current production capacity of avermectin didn’t increase significantly.

3. In 2009, the pesticide preparation producers had large demands for avermectin APIs. The purchase quantity of avermectin APIs in 2009 was several times that of the previous years, increasing the price of avermectin stock solution.

4. To promote the marketing of rice, cotton and other cash crops this year, many preparation producers used avermectin on rice leaf rollers, diamondback moths of crucifers, asparagus caterpillars, and cotton bollworms and so on, increasing the demands for avermectin. Therefore, the price of avermectin grew obviously.

Though Chinese avermectin products performed outstandingly on both supply and marketing in the first half of 2009, it is estimated that the price growth rate in the latter half year will drop as the price has grown too fast. Due to the unsuitable usage of avermectins by farmers, pests have significantly strengthened their resistance capacities against avermectin products, which would speed up the development and promotion of substitutes. Therefore, the avermectin pesticide industry will face both opportunities and challenges in the next few years.

Data of this report mainly come from the market research of our company as well as valuable second-hand resources. This report analyzes the current situation of Chinese avermectin industry and predicts development tendencies. Through analyzing the selling channels and industry chain of Chinese insecticide industry, this report gives an in-depth research on Chinese avermectin market, demand and supply, and concentration, development directions and investment opportunities with accurate as well as detailed documents. This report supplies important reference values for users to carry out business investments and set up developing strategies.

Readers can acquire more information:

- Development of Chinese avermectin industry

- Development environment of Chinese avermectin industry

- Factors affecting the development of Chinese avermectin industry

- Import and Export Situation of Chinese avermectin industry

- Main avermectin producers in China and their operation status

- Investment opportunities on Chinese avermectins

- Predicts on the development of Chinese avermectin industry

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