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Research Report on Chinese Ship Financial Leasing Industry, 2009-2010 -- Leasing ships by financing is the internationally adopted mode of ship financing. It is a financing behavior of shipping enterprises to lease ships by financing from leasing companies, credit companies and other professional institutions, pay rents regularly, and financially occupy the ownership of ships. Domestic shipping enterprises prefer this investment and financing mode as it is more market-orienting. It can significantly promote the development of shipping enterprises and the ship industry, and improve the situation where the ship industry, especially the ship export, depends severely on the national policy credit capital. However, the operation of the ship financial leasing business needs professional institutions and the support of relevant policies, while its application in China now is still limited.

With the development and improvement of Chinese shipbuilding industry, shipping enterprises are facing the difficulty of raising debts as they have engaged in large amounts of debts. Stimulated by profits, shipping enterprises hope to increase and improve their shipping capacities by adopting the mode of ship leasing. Therefore, they are anxious to see the mature and improvement of Chinese financial leasing business.

Through this report, readers can acquire more information:

- Present situation of Chinese ship financial leasing industry

- Economic environment of Chinese ship financial leasing industry

- Policy environment of Chinese ship financial leasing industry

- Prediction on the development outlooks of Chinese ship financial leasing industry

- Potential investment opportunities of Chinese ship financial leasing industry

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