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Research Report on Chinese Cell-phone Appearance Designs, 2008-2009 --

By studying 10 mainstream mobile phones’ modeling, colors, materials and techniques, etc in Chinese mobile phone market from 2008 to 2009, the report concludes the features of Chinese cell-phone appearance designs from 2008 to 2009. It also discusses the development trends of Chinese mobile phone design market in 2010.


The subjects contain the mainstream mobile phones in Chinese market launched by the four major international manufacturers: Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony-Ericson. Famous second-line manufacturers like Lenovo, Dopod and ZTE are also included. Since Chinese medium and small cities and countries have a large demand for smuggled and non-brand-name mobile phones, the report also analyzes the appearance design features of some popular smuggled mobile phones (iPhone, BlackBerry) in Chinese market.


The report provides readers with large numbers of cell-phone appearance drawings and detailed parameters of all kinds of cell-phone appearance designs. It also evaluates accordingly the features of appearance designs of various mainstream mobile phones based on consumers’ feelings.


Through this report, enterprises designing cell-phone appearances can have a good understanding of the present situation and features of the fast-selling mobile phones’ appearance designs in Chinese market from 2008 to 2009. They can also find the development trends of cell-phone appearance designs in and after 2010. What should be mentioned here is that with the arrival of Chinese 3G era, since the cell-phone functions will change, the cell-phone appearance design will accordingly have a great change. These new trends are well stated in the report.


Through the report, readers can acquire more information:

-Summary of Chinese cell-phone appearance designs

-Appearance designs of the main mobile phone brands in Chinese market

-Appearance design features of popular smuggled and non-brand-name mobile phones in Chinese market

-Appearance Design Study of Chinese 3G mobile phones in Chinese market

-Development trends of Chinese mobile phones’ appearance designs


Following persons are suggested to buy the report:

-Mobile phone manufacturers

-Mobile phone traders

-Investors concerning Chinese mobile phone industry

-Research institutes concerning the mobile phone industry

-Other persons concerning the mobile industry


Source: China Research and Intelligence

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