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Latest Market Research on Chinese Cold-chain Logistic Industry - Chinese cold-chain logistic industry is still in the immature stage of development. Predictably, only 15% the products demanding for temperature-controlled treatment are handled in the right way in China. Consequently, a large quantity of food and fruit suffer losses. The regional cold-chain logistic system is developing in some large cities in China. Nevertheless, in those second-tier cities, the development presents slow progress.


However, the cold-chain logistics is not really cold. The demand in Chinese cold-chain logistic industry is in successive growth. It is reported that Chinese public frozen storage facilities will increase with an annual growth rate of 24% to meet the rising demand from the domestic consumption market and the food export market. There is also consecutive news of oversea giants advancing into Chinese cold-chain logistic market.


In the short term, the opportunity of the cold-chain logistic industry lies in large cities and major coastal cities of China. Nevertheless, in the long run, it is believed that the opportunities will cover the whole country. In general, there is great potential in Chinese cold-chain logistic industry.


One of our clients, a leading logistics player, ordered the Research Report of Chinese Cold-chain Logistic Industry, 2009. The client found it necessary for him to read this report to understand the development situation and opportunities of Chinese cold-chain logistic industry.


This report mainly focuses on

1. Present Development Situations of Chinese Cold-chain Logistic Industry

2. Compositions of Chinese Cold-chain Logistic Industry Chains

3. Factors Affecting the Development of Chinese Cold-chain Logistic Industry

4. Prediction on the Perspectives of Chinese Cold-chain Logistic Market

5. Investment Opportunities of Chinese Cold-chain Logistic Industry


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