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Research report on Chinese Finance Industry, 2008-2009 - At the end of June 2009, the balance of Chinese broad monetary supply (M2) was RMB 56.9 trillion, rising by 28.5% YOY; the growth rate increased by 11.2% YOY. The balance of narrow money (M1) was RMB 19.3 trillion, rising by 24.8% YOY; the growth rate increased by 10.6% YOY. Stimulated by the loose monetary policy and active fiscal policy, Chinese economy is obviously boosted with ample liquidity and high vitality.

In 2009H1, the amount of inter-bank borrowing was RMB 7.9 trillion with a daily transaction of RMB 65 billion. The daily transaction increased by 7.8% YOY. The interest rate of the money market maintains stable with slight increase. In 2009H1, the monthly weighted average interest rates of both bond pledged repurchase and inter-bank borrowing was about 0.85%. In June 2009, the monthly weighted average interest rates of both bond pledged repurchase and inter-bank borrowing was about 0.91%, displaying a rising trend.

In 2009 Q2, influenced by Chinese economy recovery and the overall stock increase of main economies, the transaction volume in Chinese stock market increased; the stock index saw a large growth in fluctuation. At the end of June, composite indexes of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange were 2,959 and 962 respectively, rising by 1,138 (62.57%) and 409 (73.91%) compared with the end of 2008, almost the level of the end of 2008 Q2. The transaction amount in Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange totaled RMB 22.18 trillion, rising by 30.9% YOY; the daily transaction amount was RMB 188 billion, rising by 33.1% YOY.

Macro data in 2009H1 indicate that active factors in Chinese national economy are rising. However, the global economy is still severe. There is great uncertainty in Chinese economy. It is predicted that Chinese government will continue the loose monetary policy in 2009H2 and the beginning of 2010. To prevent excessive rise of asset prices, Chinese central government is estimated to regulate market liquidity mostly through tools for open market operations such as issuing central bank bills, carrying out repurchase, etc.


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