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Rapidly Growing Antitumor Drug Market - As people’s life style and living environment go through great changes, problems such as various diseases also emerge constantly. Furthermore, with the aggravation of population aging as well as life stress, people’s health is also exacerbated. Cancer becomes more frequent among various diseases. It is now regarded as the No. 1 fatal disease in China. The incidence of malignant tumor is increasingly high. Accordingly, the antitumor drug market also acquires rapid growth.


In 2008, the total sales amount of the global antitumor drug market came up to nearly USD 48 billion. The sales amount is expected to reach USD 55 billion or even higher in 2009.


On April 6th, 2009, the State Council of China issued the Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Deepening the Health Care System Reform. The new medical reform program promotes the development of Chinese antitumor drug industry. With the attraction from favorable policies and enormous profits, a variety of pharmaceutical enterprises advance into the R&D of antitumor drugs.


For Chinese domestic market, the sales of antitumor drugs amounted to RMB 5.845 billion with a considerable growth rate of 67% YOY in 2008. In the next few years, the demand of Chinese antitumor drug industry is estimated to maintain a stable and fast growth. The sales amount will also increase with the YOY growth rate of 15%~17%. The current cancer patients in China total 4.5 million, while it will continue to rise with the growth rate of 2.2 million/year. This suggests the immense development potential of Chinese antitumor drug market.


In the future, antitumor drugs will develop towards chemical therapy drugs, anti-angiogenic drugs, gene and targeted drugs. The targeted drug will play a more crucial role in the tumor treatment and eventually become the mainstream among antitumor drugs.


On the whole, Chinese antitumor drug market displays rapid growth in recent years. Meanwhile, the sales amount of antitumor drugs will continue to increase with a high speed in the coming years. The lucrative Chinese antitumor drug market draws the attention of domestic and international pharmaceutical enterprises.


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