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Research Report on Top 100 Enterprises in Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry, 2009-2010

WWW.SHCRI.COM - In 2008, the sales of Chinese pharmaceutical industry amounted to RMB 677.776 billion, rising by over 20% YOY. Among the sub-industries, the sales growth rate of the biological product industry was 31.53% YOY, increasing by 9.17% YOY. The sales growth rate of the chemical medicine manufacturing industry rose by 3.37% YOY. Prepared slices of Chinese crude drugs acquired higher sales growth rate of 32.9% YOY, falling by 7.2% YOY. The growth rate of Chinese patent drug manufacturing industry was raised by 0.85% YOY.


In 2008, the overall scale of Top 100 enterprises in Chinese pharmaceutical industry saw obvious improvement. The aggregate sales was RMB 246.937 billion, rising by over 20% YOY. The market concentration of Top 100 enterprises reached 36.43% YOY in 2008, slightly higher than that of the previous year.


As to the enterprise scale, in 2008, the bottom line of the Top 100 in Chinese pharmaceutical industry exceeded RMB 890 million, rising by 36.92% YOY. In 2008, the bottom scales for Top 50, Top 20 and Top 10 were RMB 1.7 billion, RMB 3.3 billion and RMB 4.2 billion separately. As to the sales scale, in 2008, there were 53 enterprises with the sales scale of RMB 1 billion~2 billion and 30 enterprises with the sales scale of RMB 2 billion ~ 5 billion among the Top 100, increasing by 11 and 9 respectively compared with that of 2007. 


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-Operation of Chinese pharmaceutical industry, 2008-2009

-Major enterprises and their contact details in Chinese pharmaceutical industry, 2008-2009


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