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Luggage And Bag Manufacturing Industry Overview In China, 2011-2020

The luggage and bag manufacturing industry is labor-intensified. Brand owners under cost pressures in developed countries gradually transfer their orders to areas such as China and Southeast Asia with lower labor costs. Raw material suppliers of luggage and bags are leather, chemical fiber and hardware accessory industries, which possess global advantages for the mature development, large domestic demand and complete industry chain in China.

The demand for suitcases, backpacks and bags increases with the growth of economy, income and travels. Outdoor sports are also preferred by people in leisure time, which promotes the demand as well. Meanwhile, another stimulator derives from the pursuit for fashion and business bags in the office.

According to CRI, the number of manufacturers in the luggage and bag industry increased from 1,110 in 2011 to 1,442 in 2015. Major luggage and bag manufacturers include brand owners such as Samsonite, Coach and Louis Vuitton together with manufacturers as OEM&ODMs or OBMs. Consumers prefer luggage and bags of famous brands for the high value, popularity and income increase. Market shares of famous luggage and bags in China are occupied by foreign brand owners. Most domestic manufacturers are OEMs but no famous brands while part of them are OBMs with mid-end and low-end products. The aggregate market concentration rate of top 5 luggage and bag manufacturers was less than 5% in 2015, which is quite low.


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