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Research Report On China Sunroof Industry, 2017-2021


The automobile industry developed rapidly after China joined WTO, which promoted the development of automobile accessory industry. In 2015, the output volume of automobiles was 24,503,300 in China, increasing by 3.25% YOY. Meanwhile, the sales volume reached 24,597,600 with an increase of 4.68% YOY. The growth rate of output volume and sales volume declined by 4.05% and 1.92% compared to 2014 respectively. The output volume and sales volume of passenger vehicles respectively reached 21,079,400 and 21,146,300 with an increase of 5.78% and 7.30% respectively. From 2009 on, China continuously became the world's largest automobile producer and sales market.

The development of automobile market, especially the rapid growth of passenger vehicle market, promotes the development of sunroof market in China. The output volume of automobiles in China was merely 2.07 million in 2000. Most vehicles were not equipped with sunroofs when leaving factory, whilst merely a small quantity of automobile refit manufactories offered sunroof installation services. Based on CRI, one third of automobiles were equipped with sunroofs when leaving factory in China up to the end of August, 2016. More than half of the automobiles whose prices exceed CNY 100,000 are equipped with sunroofs. In addition, many sunroofs are installed through automobile refit factories. Although a small amount of high-end sunroofs are imported, China is self-sufficient in most varieties of sunroofs with a large number of exports. China sunroof market is occupied by foreign-funded sunroof giants such as Webasto which continually increase their production capacity. For instance, Webasto built over 10 production bases in China with the sales revenue of over CNY 5 billion.