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Research Report On China Graphene Industry, 2017-2021


Graphene possesses excellent functions compared to various common materials. It is the hardest material known to human with good transmittance (almost completely transparent), high thermal conductivity coefficient (5300W/m•K), high electron mobility (1.5×104cm2/ Vs) and high mechanical strength. The application potential of graphene is large in various fields for its super performance. For example, it can be applied to transistors, sensors and super capacitors for high electron mobility.

It can also be used in the transparent conducting film with priority for its low light absorption rate. Market opportunities exist for graphene in fields such as flexible display and wearable devices with its excellent flexibility. It possesses huge application potential in electronic thermal material field with its strongest heat-conducting property. Meanwhile, graphene as additives can be applied to fields such as functional coating, plastics, rubber, sea water desalination and catalysts. Therefore, graphene is expected to be one of the advanced materials with the most positive application prospect in the future.

Graphene materials win the most impressive attention in the world from its emerging for unparalleled properties, and developed rapidly during the past 12 years from 2004. The discoverer of graphene won the Nobel Prize for physics in 2010, from when researches and industrialization related to graphene grew rapidly.

Many countries including Europe, the U.S.A. and Japan issued a series of policies supporting the development of the graphene industry. Transnational companies pay attention to the graphene market for the promotion of R&D together with application of graphene such as Dow Chemical Company, Samsung, IBM, General Motors, Xerox, Bayer and BASF.

The graphene industry started due to the cost reduction and expanded downstream application in China. In recent years, the production costs decreased to 10% in 2016 of that in 2011 with the improvement of graphene processing technics. Graphene realizes the industrialized application in multiple fields such as energy storage materials, sensors, touch devices, conductive ink pastes and composite materials and is ready for mass volume. Meanwhile, graphene is sold for profits in some products of multiple front applications to be broke through such as lithium batteries conductive paste, heat conduction film, composite materials and flexible displays.