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China Research and Intelligence: Research Report on China's Private Banking Market, 2009

Private banking is derived from Swiss, specialized in the fortune management business of providing special financial services, promoting the cooperative value between commercial banks and customers and prolonging customer relationship value chains. The concept of private banking came out in China after 2005. In September, 2005, Swiss Friends Bank Co Ltd started its business in Shanghai and brought the concept of private banking to Chinese market. Since 2007, the profits of private banking were ten fold of other retail business. Therefore, more and more domestic banks began to involve in the private banking.


In recent years, many banks announced to set up their private banking centers. It is without doubt for these banks to occupy some rich men gathering places as their focuses, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen etc. The customers of private banks from China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd grew by 35% than that in 2008. Compared with less than 0.02% private banking customers in the whole customers of China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd, the total assets of private banks accounted for more than 10%, the highest level in all commercial banks. The private banking of China CITIC Bank also rose fast in 2008. Now its customers of private banking are two thousand. The condition of private bank in China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd is 10 million Yuan (1.46 million USD), but China CITIC Bank is 8 million Yuan (1.16 million USD).


In 2007, Chinese private banking rose. Chinese funded banks mainly concluded Bank of China, China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd, China CITIC Bank, Bank of Communications, Construction Bank of China and China Minsheng Bank etc. The foreign funded banks concluded Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

, Citi Bank, Bank of East Asia, Deutsche Bank Group, Swiss Friends Bank Co Ltd, BNP Paribas, Standard Chartered Bank and Edmond de Rothschild.


Chinese private banks are mainly located in the economically developed areas, such as Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen etc. foreign funded banks are in Shanghai and Beijing. Some Chinese funded banks, because of its local advantages, also set their private banks in big cities with huge customer potential, their business spreading a wide area.


By the end of 2008, Chinese millenaries were about 0.5 to 1 million. The reason for uncertain numbers is that Chinese millionaires were accustomed to investment in real estate, such as living houses and shops etc. they expected to benefit from revaluation in real estate, so the numbers fluctuated sharply. The definition of millionaire is that individual floating assets are more than one million USD Except housing.


The global financial crisis, stemmed from the sharp decline of American real estate market, seriously stroke the large European and American banks. Although most private banks escaped from direct hit, they were influenced by the financial fluctuation. The crisis made some investors to transfer their investment to more conservative products, leading to the profit reduction in some private banks.


Taking consideration of the infancy of local financial market, many riches are preferential to manage their fortunes offshore in previous Chinese emerging market. The foreign funded banks occupy the most part of market share. The occurrence of financial crisis makes Asia especially China become the minimal negative influential country and the safest market. In the future, Chinese rich families are even preferential to invest at home, which brings huge development opportunities for Chinese private banking.


In the developed countries, the success of private banking is inseparable with politics, society, economy and law, such as steady currency value, natural advantages of tax rate, long financial history, prosperity in financial market, steady bank systems, sound legal and confidential systems and massive rich experienced financial talents.


By contrast, Chinese private banking market, with huge market potential, needs perfection of supporting infrastructure in its infancy. Chinese private banking market mainly faces the following problems: strictly supervision of finance and the adoption of separate supervises models is unfavorable to the promotion of various businesses; Underdevelopment of financial market (regardless of business tools or means); lack of strong investment bank supports; shortage of necessary systems and organizational structures of private banks.


From the part of Chinese private banking, international financial crisis is not only strikes but also opportunities, on the one hand, the slowdown risk existence in the private banking market, on the other hand, the development opportunities of organizations and talents transferring to Chinese market.


As a whole, Chinese private banking market is still in its infancy and hugely demanded for customers. In two to three years, Chinese private banking market will rise explosively.


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