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China Research and Intelligence: Research Report of Chinese Jewelry B2C E-Commerce Market, 2009

In recent years, China has been the minority Jewelry consumption country whose annual consumption amounts exceed 10 billion USD. In the mainland, there is giant consumption group. In 2008, the scale of Chinese Jewelry market was about 17 billion USD.


In the next several years, the consumption growth of Chinese gold Jewelry depends on the drive forces from wedding celebration and everyday consumption. The late 1980s was a birth peak in China. Many people born in the middle and late 1980s will be in the marriageable age from 2009 to 2014. On the occasion, more than 10 million couples will be married in a year in China. The annual sales capacity of the Jewelry consumption from the wedding celebration will go beyond 10 billion USD. There is promising consumption prosperity for Chinese wedding Jewelry.


In recent years, the exports of Chinese Jewelry show the fast growth tendency. Meanwhile, more and more foreign outstanding products enter Chinese market. Chinese pearl, jade and man-made jewels are bodily moved towards the international market. The crystal from Brazil, the amber from the countries along the Baltic Sea, the white jade from Russia and the jewels from Thailand enter Chinese market in droves. Chinese consumers can buy their dreamy Jewelry of the world top at home. In the future, the globalization trend of the Jewelry trade will be further intensified. Chinese Jewelry Industry not only meets fierce international competition, but also faces huge development opportunity.


The competitors of the Jewelry Industry are the famous watches, clothing and cosmetic products. If the operators of the Jewelry Industry could attract the consumers’ original expenses on the famous watches, clothing and cosmetic products to the Jewelry because of their excellent operation, Chinese Jewelry market will be developed sharply. If the operators of the Jewelry want to occupy the consumption market of the famous watches, clothing and cosmetic products, to highlight the value maintenance and investment of the Jewelry will be a big selling point. Once the famous watches, clothing and cosmetic products are sold out; it means most will be devalued as the time goes. However, the Jewelry will not be devalued as the consumers use, especially the constant maintenance value of the gold. When the gold Jewelry maintains its values, the commemorative gold bars, diamond above 50-fen and the high quality green jade are up valued at fast speed, which is of high investment meaning fundamentally different from other venture investments.


In China, the consumers, who become rich just now, urgently need extraordinary equivalent to show their richness and represent their status, namely, a mark of the higher ranks. The Jewelry just conforms to the above mentioned characteristics. Anyone who can initially make the Jewelry become the unique mark of the new higher ranks through the brand, he will be probably gain substantial operation profits.


The traditional sales means of Chinese Jewelry manufacturers were through the agents or franchised stores, the demerits of which lied in the slow speed of brand spread, high costs, and enterprises unable to control the terminal consumers, more investments in the previous period and high operation ventures. 


So, the emerging B2C E-Commerce can supplement the demerits in the traditional sales, enables the enterprises closer to the terminal consumers so as to gain the first-hand information about the market demands and set up the brand quickly. Meanwhile, the enterprises can accumulate the world-wide consumers’ information, which is helpful for the new products to be sold in the second consumption. Besides, the online sales can cut down the operation costs, making the enterprises strengthen the competitiveness at low sales price.


In the large cities of China, such as Shanghai and Beijing etc, it is more popular, namely, the youths find out their favorite Jewelry online, and then try to dress them in the real stores. If they are content, they will buy them online. The online purchase price of the same Jewelry is only about 50 to 70 percent of the price in the real stores. 


Of course, there also exist problems in the Jewelry business-to consumer E-Commerce industry, just as the similarities in Chinese E-Commerce industry, such as tax problem and credit problem etc. Meanwhile, the Jewelry business-to consumer E-Commerce industry has its own special problems, such as the true and false identification, grade identification, false publication and lack of after-sale services.


By the end of 2008, the netizens in China were near to 300 million, tens of millions of which took part in the online shopping. Although Chinese jewelry E-Commerce industry is in its infancy, yet there is a prosperous prosperity. 


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