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Investigation Report On Chinese Thymopentin Market, 2018-2022

Thymopentin is a two-way immune-regulator, i.e. it can handle both immune hypofunction and hyperfunction. The indications include chronic hepatitis B and primary or secondary T-cell deficiencies. Thymopentin can also help treat some autoimmune diseases and tumors.

Full report: an important active component of human thymus hormone, Thymopentin is artificially synthesized and free of allergenic protein and reaction, which significantly enhances the effect of Thymopentin as a substitute for thymosin injections. Therefore, Thymopentin is a strong performer among thymosin drugs.In 1985, Thymopentin for Injection was launched in Italy in the trade name of “Timunox”. In 1997, Hainan Zhonghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. first launched Thymopentin for Injection (trade name: Hexin), China’s first two-way immunomodulator of synthetic polypeptide after independent research and development. The product once played an important role in the fight against SARS in 2003. Later, other enterprises including Beijing SL Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. were approved to produce Thymopentin. Because of a low technological barrier, there are many manufacturers and fierce competitions in the market. Thymopentin is only sold in China as a Chinese-style drug.According to CRI, in 2017, the sales value of Thymopentin exceeded CNY 1 billion in the Chinese market dominated by Hainan Zhonghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Beijing SL Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Beijing Sciecure Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Hybio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The sales value of top 10 enterprises took up about 99% of the market. The sales value of Hainan Zhonghe ranked first with a market share over 30%.It is expected that the Chinese Thymopentin still has large potentials to grow in the coming years.

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