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Unprecedented Opportunities Of Chinese Fast Food Market

With the continuous improvement of the socio-economic development and people's living standards, people's food and beverage concepts are gradually changing. Fast food has become an important member of the modern catering. It continues to make positive contribution to the society and the development of the industry.

Because of the characteristics of the adaptation to the level of mass consumption, rapid response, etc. fast food is much favorable to consumers of all ages, and it gradually becomes the main force in the food and beverage market. Chinese fast food industry increases at an annual growth rate of 20% and the industry profit margin is between 15% and 25% (according to resear). The fast food industry has become an important force and a new economic growth point to support the maintained development of the catering industry.

In the face of the increasingly bigger piece of the cake, there is fierce competition between Chinese and western fast food. Chinese fast food has a strong local affinity, while western-style fast food also occupies a place with its own advantages in China's fast-food industry. However, for the civilian population, the competition strategies of the Chinese fast food and western fast food, are not just about business strategies and service attitudes but also include food qualities, safety and health conditions. Therefore, corporation positioning has to get close to the market and to meet market diversification demands. According to their own conditions, catering enterprises can set up online ordering and other forms of food delivery. For example, the creation of a unified ordering hot line and the professional distribution team, provide customers with convenience and also ensure that the food is fresh and delicious. In addition, enterprises should expand their business, strengthen brand effects, improve the quality of the dishes, the dining environments and the level of service, and also attach great attention to qualities, brands, management and gradation, so as to guarantee the interest rates of the fast food industry and gain market share and the leading position.

Beginning in 2010, the gold era of the Chinese fast food industry has come. Centered with Beijing and other big cities and developed areas, Chinese fast food industry will gradually spread to the whole nation to achieve a mature stage of development. With stable development of Chinese economy and continuous improvement of people's living standards, market demands of the fast food industry will be further enhanced and the prospects for the development of Chinese fast food industry will be greater. China's economic growth prospects make the Chinese market become a future gold growth point in the global market. The fast-food development will encounter unprecedented good time.

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