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Current Situation And Development Trend Of Chinese Wine Industry

CRI-report: China is not only the largest consumption country of wines, but also the major production country of wine in Asia. With the improvement of people's living standards, the wine market at home has a sound development prospect, which is universally acknowledged as the most potential and vigorous wine market.

The production of Chinese wine has the history of thousands of years. In Song dynasty, there was the famous verse describing the wine. After the establishment of PRC in 1949, there were only few wine enterprises and the output of wines in the nation was only 200 tons. With the adjustment of national policies, the wine industry has a rapid development. In 2011, the wine enterprises of China surmounted to 179 (the output of each reached more than CNY 20 million), the total assets of the industry reached CNY 32.05 billion, increasing by 13.52%. After the implementation of national compulsory standards of wines, the transmission forms of the wine culture become various, extremely promoting the wine market. People are eager to know the knowledge of wines and the requirements on the employees of the wine industry are increasingly high.

It can be seen clearly that the wine industry has a bright development prospect in China. According to the statistics of OIV in 2004, the output and production areas of Chinese wine industry have ranked the fifth in the global. However, the per capita consumption of Chinese wines annually is less than 3L, which is less than 1/16 of the global consumption annually. Moreover, the consumption of wine is concentrated in some developed cities of eastern coastal areas and the while-collar class, which is still considered as a kind of leisure and holiday consumption so the Chinese wine industry still has a wide development space.

The development trend of Chinese wine industry can be concluded in the five aspects: firstly, the wine industry will keep developing at a fast speed. Secondly, the market of Chinese wine products will be further enlarged. Statistics shows that with the increase of wine output, other kinds of liquor also keep the growth momentum, indicating that the whole liquor market is enlarging. Thirdly, the wine industry will still keep a high concentration rare. The majority of the market share is taken up by first and second-tires brands and the situation is difficult to be broken in the short term. Fourthly, much capital is accessible to the wine industry. Fifthly, the competition in foreign wine brands tends to be fierce.

All in all, the Chinese wine industry has a bright development tend, while the development road is zigzag.

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