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Chinese Green Tire

In recent years, the concept of green tires is well-known to customers. However, the real green tire is not a windy concept. In recent years, "green tire" relies on the higher fuel efficiency than that of the ordinary tires, safety and durance, becoming the market segment with the sharp development, and the annual average increase rate of it is about 10% globally. It is a promising new product in the Chinese market, and even in the global market.

Green tire refers to the radial ply tire with the low petrol consumption and less discharge of exhaust gas because it uses new materials and designs to reduce the rolling resistance. In the process of vehicle running, energies will be consumed by various hindrances. Among them, about 20% of petrol is consumed by the hindrance of tire rolling. By using green tires, it can reduce the energy consumption in the aspect so as to reach the goal of petrol-saving. Green tires have the merits of good flexibility, less rolling resistance, low petrol consumption, low heat, durance, strong bearing capacity, and comfort for sitting in, etc. Compared with traditional tires, it reflects the advantages in the aspects of environmental protection, energy-saving, new process and new material.

Overseas, many countries have made the standards of green tires in an early period, i.e., America passed the legislations containing the regulations of tire labeling six years ago; Japan carried out the voluntary tire labeling system in 2010; and EU and South Korea will carry out the compulsory tire labeling legislation from Nov.1, 2012; Brazil is planning to make the similar tire labeling legislation. By labeling tags which is similar to the energy efficiency mark on refrigerators on tires for sale in the market, making classification of the rolling resistance, fuel efficiency, traction on slippery roads and tread wear, it can reach the goal of lessening the fuel consumption, reducing the emission of greenhouse gas, and realizing the greening of tires.

At present, China has reached an agreement in promoting the industrialization development of green tries. China Rubber Industry Association will set the legislations of green tire industrialization by combining with the national conditions in China through referring to the laws of REACH and combining with the demands of energy saving and emission reduction in China, striving to realize that half of enterprises can produce green tires at the end of"12th Five-year Plan", and the green tire output of 50% of these enterprises can exceed the target output of original radial ply tires.

Under the background of economic globalization, energy-saving, safety, environmental protections increasingly become the main theme of the reform of the global automobile industry. Tire, the high-speed operation component of automobiles, accounts for over 20% of the vehicle energy consumption in the course of driving, and only second to engine. By taking energy-saving tire products, it can bring more than 5% of fuel-saving efficiency, making tires become an important carrier of the innovation of emission reduction technology.

More research can be found in Research Report of Chinese Tire Industry, 2012