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Another Irresistible Marketing Craze In Automobile Industry

Since 2000, China's automobile market has a spurt growth. Currently, the production and sales volume of China's automobile amount to nearly 10 million and the competition of the automobile market will be more intense. The development of the automobile marketing will in the trend of the network, fashion, personalized and brand direction.

Nowadays, with the popularity and expansion of the Internet, people are inclined to do online marketing. Compared with the traditional marketing model, online marketing has more advantages in terms of the interaction, diversity and timeliness, etc. Therefore, the online marketing is gradually affirmed by all walks of life. At the same time, more and more enterprises participate in the online marketing industry.

So does the automobile industry. Today's automobile industry is different from that of ten or twenty years ago. The phenomenon of fierce competition and product homogeneity is serious. To get surprisingly winning, enterprises have to make efforts in the marketing, especially the introduction of online marketing, a high-end, trend-based marketing model, because the automobile is mainly for some consumers with spending power who have a very strong dependence on the Internet. Through the online marketing, products and services can be more directly conveyed. This kind of network store is the most likely to give consumers detailed product exhibition, letting consumers to get access to the most comprehensive information in the shortest time. More online transactions are expected to achieve in the future.

Since 2005, the advertising market of the traditional media, such as newspapers, television, magazines and others continues to decline, while a considerable market share is seized by the online advertising market. The survey data shows that Internet users have the strongest car shopping desire in China in the coming year. Online orders show that the proportion of purchased car accounts for 37.8%, and 28.3% consumers say they will buy a car in three months. The two parts together accounts for more than 60% of the automobile online marketing. With the rise of the Internet utilization rate as well as the rich content of websites for the middle class, the online marketing trend of the automobile market will be irresistible. In addition, because of the characteristics of the accuracy, interactivity, rich content and low cost, etc. the online advertising market will be able to bring return value for the automobile advertisers.

Due to the unique advantages of online marketing, a large number of car enterprises will definitely "rush" to it. Therefore, to select the more innovative marketing methods and choose a more powerful marketing platform becomes the key to maintain a high position in the market. There is no doubt that in future, there will be more automobile enterprises involved in online marketing. This is a big momentum for the automobile industry to step forward, and it is also the essence for automobile enterprises to seize the market.

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