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Romania’S Foreign Trade Balance With Food Goods

CRI-report: Following record exports in H2 last year and subdued domestic demand, Romania's foreign trade balance with food goods moved in the surplus area in Q3-Q4/2011. This was partly a seasonal [pattern, driven by the strong wheat, sunflower and maize exports after the summer harvesting. But on medium term and filtering out the seasonal pattern, the trade deficit has visibly narrowed from H2/07-H1/08 on the back of i. high grain prices that have helped local farmers and ii. subdued domestic demand that made an impact on the imports of fruits, vegetables and particularly meat [pork]. The animal production, by better delivering the domestic market and taking advantage of favourable circumstances [regulatory] on foreign markets can play an important role for the country's trade balance.



Foreign trade balance, quarterly; EUR mn Structure of exports [quarterly; EUR mn]

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