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Cri-report Tourism Real Estate --A New Way Out Of Chinese Real Estate Industry

(CRI-report) - "Holiday economy" has become a well-known word among people, and the market contained in it also supplies the promising development space to the development of the tertiary industry -- tourism real estate gradually emerges from the water.

Property programs built by the reliance on the plentiful tourism resources peripherally and distinguished from the traditional residential projects, which is the combination of sight-seeing, leisure, holiday and living can be called as the tourism real estate. Compared with the traditional residential houses, tourism real estate is with the characteristics and advantages of the perfect combination between tourism industry and real estate industry. It will provide better natural and agricultural landscapes, as well as in possession of impeccable supporting functions and high investment value.

Tourism real estate, in a sense, is an economic complex, covering several aspects, real estate, holidays, life, leisure, entertainment and so on.

The occurrence of tourism real estate is an inevitable choice of the market, as well as the benign structure which can benefit both sides. The investment benefit period of tourism programs is generally over 15 years, while the time of the sustainable return is as long as over 50 years. The tourism can take back the investment within two or three years, and make a profit of 150% to 400%, which can be called as the program with excessive profits.

Tourism and real estate industry are totally different. With the mutual crossing, the penetration of ideas, it forms many new comprehensive structures marginality, for instance, property hotels, holiday programs by time interval, holiday villa districts, golf villa districts, central recreational districts, business pedestrian streets, shopping mall and other modes.

The tourism real estate starts from the Mediterranean coastal area of France. At that time, a large number of beach villas were developed in Mediterranean coastal areas, attracting travelers of Europe and North America to come in great numbers. Therefore, Mediterranean becomes the center of leisure and holidays in Europe and even the whole world. Nowadays, resort hotels by time interval, mountain holiday villages, leisure villas, etc. are scattered in every corner of the world. In Asia, the tourism real estate of Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and so on vigorously grows. A plentiful number of international real estate developers, institutions of hotel investment and management are successively engaged in the development of tourism real estate and make substantial benefits.

Currently, In China, Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Qingdao, Hainan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Sichuan and other places develop over hundreds of tourism real estate programs. The number of leisure holiday houses, villas, hotels with themes of "golf, mountain, skating, surfing and field sport" exceeds 80.

In 2011, with the suppression of high housing prices by national new policies, the transaction volume of the traditional residential market which once had the hot market did not go well. There is no doubt that the new policies greatly compress the investment space of the residential market and limit the investment and speculative demands for investors. Under the situation, the tourism real estate is favorable by investors because of its policy-orientated and scarcity feature. It becomes the new focus of the real estate market.

The real estate industry is trying to seek the opportunity of survival. The tourism real estate may become a life-saving straw of the whole industry. It is known that in the first quarter of 2012, the "floating capital" of tourism industry was up to CNY 260 billion, among which a large number of them invested in the tourism real estate. In this year, the investment of the whole industry is expected to exceed CNY one trillion continuously.

In the transformation of the economic structure, developing tourism real estate is in line with the policy of many local governments. Currently, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places are the concentration zones for the investment of tourism real estate of many investors.

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