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Cri-report Analysis On Insufficiency Of China's Tourism Industry

(CRI-report)To begin with, China's tourism industry is faced with severe structural adjustment. After joining in WTO, the domestic tourism enterprises and the world-class overseas tourism businessmen compete under the similar condition, so this kind of requirement is imminent. Like many other industries in China, for the tourism industry, the structural contradictions are prominent and the structural adjustment of the tourism products, the hotels, as well as travel agencies is imperative. At present, in China's tourism market, the low and medium-grade products of the sightseeing trip hold absolute proportion. To meet different consumers' needs, the structure varieties of tourism products are requested to be rich and the new tourism products are unceasingly developed, achieving the balanced and harmonious development of the sightseeing traveling, vacation traveling, special traveling, subject traveling and the low, medium and high-end tourism products.

In addition, the current situation of China's travel agency industry is much confusing. For example, the scale is small; the development of various parts is uneven; the management is chaotic and service quality is poor and so on. Relevant experts believe that the travel agency industry should form a pyramid structure of "groups of large-scale travel agencies - specialized medium-sized travel agencies - networked small travel agencies". The large-scale groups are the leading force of the market and the vast majority of small-scale travel agencies are the network nodes, which will be supplemented by the specialized medium-sized travel agencies. This should be the reasonable description of the travel agency industry.

Besides, the fragmentation of China's regions and sections and the local protectionism are the major obstacles to the union of the whole industry. The comprehensive and integrated operation will be the final development trend of China's tourism enterprises. Facing the challenges of the international tourism giants, China's hotels, travel agencies, sight spots, the aviation industry and so on have the need of strategic restructuring and adjustment. In order to more effectively resist such pressures and challenges, large-scale integrated tourism groups should be developed, reducing costs and generating economies of scale and synergistic effects.

In addition, the infrastructure of some regions in China is relatively poor and the spot development is relatively backward; the legal provisions are still not perfect enough; the operation and management level of tourism enterprises is not high; the management personnel in accordance with international standards are in the shortage and so on. These need to be improved and enhanced urgently.

Overall, in rapid development, China's tourism industry also accumulate many problems: the imperfections of the industrial structure; the unbalanced regional development; the inadequate regulations; the backward development means of the tourist attractions and poorly protection; the backwardness of business philosophy and the low level of management. However, China's tourism industry, after all, has the long-term development and improvement. The development strategies of western development will promote the development of the tourism resources of the central and western China; the accession of WTO will bring advanced management experience and ideas to China's tourism industry; the consumer structures and the lifestyle are changed and the disposable incomes increase. China's tourism industry will usher a new stage of rapid development.

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