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Cri-report Bright Prospect Of China's Fruit Juice Market

(CRI-report) - The development process of the fruit juice market is not smooth. One of several big selling points of the fruit juice is that it is very suitable for the family drinking or can be drunk with meals at the same time. However, the dairy products are barriers with no doubt to the continuous fast development of the fruit juice. In addition, the carbonated drinks, pure water and the tea drinks with maintained growth tendency are also the strong competitors of the fruit juice. Although the growth rates of the carbonated drinks and pure water are not high, they also have very big growth in the quantity. These cause the development of the fruit juice to full fill of frustrations.

At present, the number of the fruit juice manufacturers in China reaches 4,000 which presents three influences: the first one is Huiyuan Group and other enterprises; the second one is Uni-President and Master Kang with Chinese Taiwan background; the third one is multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola and so on. With the increase of participants, on one hand, the market competition will inevitably be aggravated; on the other hand, numerous enterprises will cultivate the market together which will enhance consumers' acceptance probability. However, currently, the per capita consumption volume of the fruit juice is less than 1.5 kiloliters which is much lower compared with the European and American countries whose per capita consumption volume is 30 kiloliters. Moreover, the population of mainland China is large and thus the market capacity is huge. Therefore, the major beverage enterprises in the world pave actively to the mainland market and many mainland beverage enterprises also shift the center to this field.

Since 2009, the "war" of China's beverage market is locked in "the fruit juice". Uni-President plans to invest TWD 3 billion to purchase mainland food and drink production enterprises and also invests capital in Anderle at the same time; the Fruit Fun of Pepsi Cola is put on the market around the country; Master Kang also puts unprecedented efforts to the fruit juice market; Coca-Cola purchases Huiyuan Group to enter the Chinese huge market. The fruit juice market becomes the focal point among the beverage giants and the market competition also is increasingly intense. Therefore, seeking for the new growth point of profit becomes enterprises' urgent matter. Accordingly, to obtain the leading position in the fruit juice market with intense competition, the variation operation which meets the market requirement is the crucial point.

In the next several years, the total production of China's beverage industry will continue to be enhanced. The fruit and vegetable juice, vegetable protein juice and tea drinks will be the focus points; the bottled (canned) mineral drink water will be moderately developed; the development of cola and carbonated drinks will gradually be reduced. But the soft drinks, like functional drinks, the fruit juice, tea drinks and other healthy drinks will compose the main body of the new frame construction. Seen from the law of development of the overseas fruit juice market and Chinese consumers' consumption power and habits, the development of China's fruit juice market will present the following characteristics: pure natural and high fruit juice content are the major development directions; the development of compound fruit juice and compound fruit and vegetable juice has good prospect; the functional fruit juice is worth anticipating; the fruit juice milk drink has huge development potential. Overall, the development prospect of China's fruit juice market is favored.

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