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Cri-report Overview On Mode Of TV Shopping Industry

(CRI-report) - The modern family TV shopping is distinguished from the traditional TV direct-sales and it is a new method of selling of goods which is in accordance with the process of TV shopping and generally can be divided into four major links, that is, product choice, programs production, call centers and logistics distribution. The shopping channels make programs in the means of "teach buying instead of selling" and set the purpose of meeting consumers' demand. The major broadcast modes are live broadcast and recorded broadcast.

The TV shopping channel is a platform of products sale and an "air supermarket" which takes TV as the subject of the operation. Multi-products, multi-brands, popularization are the foundation of modern TV shopping. For example, CCTV shopping channel and Hunan Happy shopping whose product suppliers are not only well-known brands, including Philips, Samsung, Lenovo, LG and so on, also popular household goods of many small and medium enterprises, with thousand of varieties. Due to various commodities, favorable factory-direct prices, good reputation and quality assurance, therefore, TV shopping channels are favored by the majority of consumers and the development of TV shopping channels also realize gratifying achievements. However, in terms of China's TV direct-sales industry, the supervision of the industry associations is in the lack, and the specific legislation for the TV direct-sales is lagging behind. Therefore, the problems of sudden huge profits and the false advertising in TV direct-sales which are almost non-existent in the United States and Europe are much common in China and need to be rectified urgently.

At present, China's TV direct-sales is lack of industry standards and has low barriers to entry which are the major causes for the disorder of the industry. With the exposure of scenes of TV direct-sales scams, the interests of consumers and the public credibility of television media increasingly are enhanced. Some experts point out that the transition towards professional TV shopping channel from traditional TV direct-sales marketing advertising should be the best choice. Traditional TV direct-sales companies are transformed to modern TV shopping companies. In addition, the enforcement of the supervision accelerates the transformation of the industry.

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