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CRI-report Romania Pharmaceutical Report

Pharmaceutical sales at distribution prices increased by 16% y/y to RON 11.3bn (EUR 2.7bn) in the 12 months ending Mar 2012. Rx sales in pharmacies advanced by 11.1% y/y to RON 8.2bn, while sales of OTC drugs in pharmacies increased by 21.6% y/y to RON 11.6bn, indicating that purchase power started to pick up from the 2009-2010 level.

Pharmaceutical chains continued expansion by acquisitions in Q1 and there is still enough room for further M&A activity on the market, as the top 5 chains account for approximately 15% of the market. Pharmacy chain Sensiblu, part of A&D Pharma group, tops the market, with 374 pharmacies at end-May, followed by Catena and Dona chains. The number of pharmacies and drug stores increased by 8% y/y to a total of 7,259 in 2011, according to latest official statistics.

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