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Research Report of Chinese Regional Finance, 2008 -- After the latter half of 2008, the international financial crisis continued to spread and deepen, the global economic growth slowed down obviously and the exports of Chinese products also shrank sharply. Due to the different economic outward and industry structures in Chinese different regions, the influences of international financial crisis were also different. The economic dependency on the foreign trade in eastern regions was over 90%, which was greatly affected by the international financial crisis; the central, western and northeastern regions, advantageous in the resources, were greatly affected by the price fluctuation of the bulk commodities on the international market; while speeding up the adjustment and revitalization of the traditional industries, the eastern regions also speeded up the development of the new energies, biopharmaceuticals, advanced equipments and service outsourcing etc and the comprehensive competitiveness had been improved in certain degree; the central, western and northeastern regions developed the advantageous and special industries positively, stabilized the grain production, intensified the constructions of the energy resources and important raw material bases, supported the development of modern equipment manufacture and hi-tech industries and undertook the industrial transformation from the eastern regions positively in an orderly manner.


In 2008, the financial industry was operated steadily in Chinese different regions. The residents’ bank savings deposits were increased notably and the growth speed of the enterprise deposits  slowed down. The regular deposits showed the obvious trend; Chinese currency loans grew steadily while the medium and long term loans, which were invested in the industries basically conforming to the state industry structure adjustment requirements and regional economic development requirements, were rising fast; the bill funds were increased sharply, effectively expanding the financial organizations’ credit supports to the medium and small enterprises; the total social fund amount continued to keep growth, especially the fast growth of the securities funds in the western and northeastern regions. The financial ecological environment in different regions continued to improve and the regional economy and finance were developed coordinately.


In 2009, the international financial crisis will continue to develop and spread and its influences on Chinese economy are deepening continuously. Although the operations of Chinese economy show some positive variations, the foundation is not sound and Chinese economy still face huge pressures.


It is predicted that in next several years the economic development strategies in the eastern regions is to explore the international market, stabilize the exports and engage in the development of the advanced manufacture, modern services and hi-tech industries; the central, western and northeastern regions will intensify the investments in infrastructure, ecological constructions and environmental protection. It can be forecasted that the regional economic development will become the new economic growth points with the gradual strengths of the radiation functions of Yangtze river, Zhujiang Delta and Jing-Jin-Ji economic circles, the advancement of the comprehensive reform in Wuhan Urban Circle, Chang-Zhu-Tan city Groups, Chongqing, Chengdu and Shenzhen special economic zones, the speed-up and promotion of Shanghai international financial center constructions and international shipping center constructions and the fast development of the economic zones in the west Taiwan Strait and northern bay in Guangxi.


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