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Chinese Beverage Market Ushers in Summer of Fashion and Innovation - The new product Sprite Ice Tea of Coca-Cola came onto the market in March 2010. Preserving the original cool and refreshing taste of Sprite, the Sprite Ice Tea is also blended with the fresh flavor of green tea. It is the first product to introduce the concept of “mix” into the traditional carbonated beverage industry.


In the last third of March, 2010, Huiyuan Juice launched the compound carbonated juice series Juizze Pop Series”. Depending on the fashionable bottle package and bright colors, it attracts numerous consumers immediately.   


At the end of May, after the appearance of water soluble C100 drink, Nongfu Spring released the new beverage of 2010 –“tot”. It is a beverage combining soda and black tea. Thus, it is of the refreshing and cool taste of soda water as well as the healthiness of natural full-flavored black tea. It is reported that “tot” is the first soda black tea product in China.  


On June 6th, the juice brand under Coca-Cola – “Minute Maid” declared in Shanghai to launch the new product Minute Maid 10 V. This is Coco-Cola’s first juice beverage featured with freshness and nutrition in Chinese market. When going onto the market for the first time, “Minute Maid 10 V” comes with three flavors as kiwifruit, lemon and pomegranate. Meanwhile, ten nutritive elements such as vitamin D, vitamin E and calcium are added into the products. 


According to the retail monitoring data of Business Information of Shanghai – FMCG Research Center released on June 4th, 2010, the volume of new beverages and cold drinks launched in 2010 dropped by 20% YOY. In 2009, the production of soft drinks in China exceeded 80.86 million tons, hitting a new high with the growth rate of 26% YOY. However, producers are cautious about releasing new products due to the intense competition. Numerous brand producers incline to the creation of classic products with centralized resources.          


The innovation of beverages mainly concentrates in the mix of varieties and the breakthrough of nutrition.


The beverage mix covers carbonated beverages, juice beverages and dairy beverages, etc, showing prominent crossover development tendency. With multiple types like “soda pop + tea”, “dairy product + juice + coconut jelly” and “combination of various fruit juices”, beverage mixes become the popular drinks promoted by supermarkets. For example, Coca-Cola launched the Sprite Ice Tea, a combination of green tea and lemonade. Wahaha will also release several health beverages, among which the Blueberry Iced Black Tea will be one focus for promotion. The “Juizze Pop Series” of Huiyuan Juice is featured with the smart combination of juice and traditional carbonated beverage.    


With the enhancement of people’s health awareness, the nutrition strategy has become an important part in the beverage industry. In 2009, the water soluble C100 drink of Nongfu Spring gained popularity as soon as it came onto the market, initiating the popularization of nutritious beverages. With 10 vitamins, the “Minute Maid 10 V” of Coca-Cola satisfies people’s demand for nutrition.    


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