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CRI-report Good News Or Bad News For China's Rail Tranportation Industry

(CRI-report) - Classified by the usage, railway transportation can be divided into two categories, passenger transport and freight transport. The former is used to serve passengers and for the transportation of passengers and the later is for the transportation of cargos.

By the end of 2011, the operation mileage of China railway reached 93 thousand kilometers, ranking the second in the world. In 2011, the passenger transport capacity of China's railway transportation sharply increased and the volume of passenger transport in the whole year rose by 10.59% YOY. Affected by the increase of short-distance passenger special lines, the average transport mileage was cut and the growth rate of total passenger turnover relatively slowed down, with a decrease of 2.57% YOY, according to CRI report (

Under the influence of railway system reform, the total freight turnover increased by 8.00% YOY in 2011 and the growth rate was 1.30% lower than that in 2010; the daily average car loads rose by 7.20% YOY.

In 2011, among varieties of transportation methods in China, the proportion of railway passenger turnover is 23.36 percentage points less than that of highroad passenger turnover, ranking the second; as for the cargo turnover, the volume of railway transportation in the same period accounted for 18.88%, second to water transport and road transport, ranking the third in transportation operation.

In 2011, the fixed asset investment of China railway reached CNY 576.695 billion, with a decrease of 22.5 % YOY and the growth rate decreased by 35% over the same period in 2010. In 2011, the finished basic construction investment of national railways was totally CNY 461.084 billion and the number of small to medium-sized projects of rail networks was 310, with the investment amount of CNY 459.412 billion. Among them, the finished investment amount of newly-established railways was CNY 389.9 billion and that of expansion and reform of existing lines was CNY 6,950.7 billion, respectively accounting for 84.9% and 15.1%. The finished investment amount of local railways was CNY 1.352 billion, according to CRI report (

It is predicted that during 2012 and 2016, China's economy will maintain the annual growth rate of over 5%. The continuous urbanization and the constant increase of floating population will spur the increase of freight and passenger transport of China railway. Under the precondition that Chinese monetary policy will tend to be loose in 2012, generally expected by the market, the financing environment of the Ministry of Railways will be improved and the investment scale will be slightly recovered benefiting from the loose policies as well.

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