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Research Report on Chinese Hypolipidemic Agent Market, 2010-2011 - In China, cerebrovascular stroke has high incidence rate while coronary heart disease (NYSE:CHD) has low incidence rate. However, in the latest 20 years, the incidence rate and mortality rate of CHD are rising. Ischemic cardiovascular diseases based on atherosclerosis (CHD and ischemic stroke included) acquire growing incidence rates. The increase of serum total cholesterol (TC) and low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) is one of the independent risk factors of CHD and ischemic stroke. With the change of lifestyle of the Chinese, the average serum TC level is rising gradually. Thus, the market scale of hypolipidemic agents in China expands year by year.

According to the nationwide investigation into the nutrition and health conditions of Chinese residents by the Ministry of Health, the prevalence rate of dyslipidemia in the population aged 18 and above is 18.6% and the total population of patients is over 160 million. According to the market research, the market scale of Chinese hypolipidemic agents was over CNY 9 billion in 2009 with the annual growth rate of about 20%.

With the aging of the population in China, the proportion of diseases caused by hyperlipidemia like hypertension in the cardiovascular diseases is rising year by year, posing a grave threat to the life safety of people. Therefore, to search for safe and reliable hypolipidemic agents with obvious curative effects is always the long-term hot research subject in the medicine sector.

According to the blood-lipid lowering mechanism and chemical structure, western hypolipidemic agents under clinical application and R&D can be divided into statins, niacins, fibrates, cholic acid chelating agents, polyenes, new-type hypolipidemic agents and various compound preparations.

Presently, there are five categories of lipid regulators in the market: statins, fibrates, niacins, resins, cholesterol absorption inhibitors and others. The market shares of statins and fibrates rank among the Top in Chinese market, leaving a small market for other categories of regulators. The total market share of Top five hypolipidemic agents in China was over 80% in 2009. Those ranking the Top four were all statins (atorvastatin, simvastatin, pravastatin and fluvastatin), of which the aggregate market share was near 80% and the market concentration ratio rises progressively. Obviously, statins play a dominant role in Chinese hypolipidemic agent market.

At present, statins are the prior choices in Chinese hypolipidemic agent sector. Nevertheless, with the growth in the use of statins, the probability of untoward effects is rising. New lipid regulators with better curative effect and higher safety are expected to emerge.

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-Status quo of Chinese hypolipidemic agent market
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-Market competition of major hypolipidemic agent producers in China
-Market prices of hypolipidemic agents in China
-Prediction on development prospects of hypolipidemic agents in China

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