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43 Stocks With The Highest Dividend Growth In August 2012

Shares With Highest Dividend Growth by Dividend Yield - Stock, Capital, Investment. Here is a current sheet of companies with fastest dividend growth compared to the previous dividend declaration. The dividend growth is often a good indicator for the financial health of a stock. Companies with a strong increase in dividends judge the future of their company rosy and they want to give money back to shareholders that they don't need for their business.

In total, the 43 fastest dividend growth companies realized an average dividend growth of 20.62 percent. The average dividend yield of the stocks amounts to 3.37. The P/E ratio is 16.55, P/B 2.53 and P/S finally 3.16.

Here are the stocks with fast dividend growth:

43 Stocks With The Highest Dividend Growth In August 2012...

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