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11 Stocks With +10% Yields And Buy Or Better Rating

|Includes: AGNC, ARR, CYS, HTS, IVR, MFA, OBE, ORAN, PBI, Portugal Telecom SGPS SA (PT-OLD), WINMQ

The Most Recommended Higher Capitalized Stocks With Yields Over 10 Percent and Buy Rating Originally Published At "". Stocks with very high yields could boost your dividend income onto the next level. Especially if you have only a few thousand dollars of investment budget it makes these to take a look at the highest yields at the market. I know what I am talking about. In my first years of investing, I starred often at such stocks with unbelievable high yields. I talk about yields of over 10 percent. But the most of the results are not sustainable and databases are not well-kept. Especially in the case of lower capitalized stocks, the risk of a dividend cuts is very high. Some of you ask me which stock to buy or which are the best +10 percent yielding stocks to buy now. I made a little list of the highest yielding stocks, starting at 10 percent dividend yield. You won't believe it but there are more than a hundred companies with such a high yield. In order to reduce my results, I selected only those with a market capitalization of more than USD 2 billion and a current buy or better recommendation. Eleven stocks remain. Five of the results come from the REIT industry.

Here is the full table with some fundamentals:

11 Most Recommended Stocks With +10% Yields...

Take a closer look at the full table. The average P/E ratio amounts to 12.59 and forward P/E ratio is 10.81. The dividend yield has a value of 13.80 percent. Price to book ratio is 2.70 and price to sales ratio 3.98. The operating margin amounts to 38.46 percent. The average stock has a debt to equity ratio of 6.25. The high value is reasonable to Pitney Bowes. The company has a ratio of 29.53. Excluded by the one-off, the ratio is at 3.92.

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