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8 Midcap Growth Stocks With Interesting Dividends

|Includes: BAP, BTE, CTC Media, Inc. (CTCM), DRE, GHC, MEOH, STLD, VR
Here is a current sheet of 8 midcap growth stocks that have an expected earnings growth for the next five years of more than 25 percent as well as an interesting dividend yield.

In average, the current P/E ratio is 22.41 while the average dividend yield amounts to 3.33 percent. Price to book ratio is 2.69 and price to sales ratio 2.96. The companies are working with an average operating margin of 18.97 percent. The average debt to assets ratio amounts to 23.15.

Here is the table of 8 midcap growth stocks with some fundamentals:
8 Mid Capitalized Growth Stocks...

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