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Great Britain's Best Yielding Large Cap ADRs | 13 To Buy

|Includes: AstraZeneca Group plc (AZN), BBL, BCS, BP, BT, BTI, CUK, DLPH, ESV, HSBC, NGG, PSO, PUK, RELX, RIO, VOD

Large capitalized stocks from the United Kingdom with low forward P/E's and good dividends originally published at "". I've started a new series of screens on my blog. The best yielding large cap stocks from foreign countries with cheap price ratios. The results from Asia and Latin America stocks were inspirational for me but when I look deeper into the results, I realize that I could not build a deeper relationship to them. They are too far away from my research and their products and services are really unknown for me.

Today I like to come back to the core industrialized countries by screening stocks from the United Kingdom with an U.S. listing. A full list of the best yielding stocks from the FTSE can also be found in my weekly published E-Book "Dividend Weekly".

My criteria are still the same: A market capitalization over USD 10 billion with a low forward P/E of less than 15. Finally, the dividend yield should be positive. In total, 16 of 38 U.K. stocks fulfilled these criteria. Thirteen have a current buy or better rating.

Here is the full table with some fundamentals:

Great Britain's Best Yielding Large Cap ADRs...

Take a closer look at the full list. The average P/E ratio amounts to 14.87 and forward P/E ratio is 10.68. The dividend yield has a value of 4.15 percent. Price to book ratio is 2.74 and price to sales ratio 2.02. The operating margin amounts to 17.37 percent and the beta ratio is 1.21. Stocks from the list have an average debt to equity ratio of 1.74.

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