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Dodge & Cox Latest Dividend Stock Buys And Income Holdings

|Includes: ABBV, CHTR, CI, CL, CVX, Duke Energy Corporation (DUK), GIS, GOOG, HPQ, IPG, KHC, L, MSFT, MSI, NOK, NTRS, S, SYMC

Dodge & Cox fund investing strategies originally published at The Dodge & Cox fund is a real equity based investment vehicle with around USD 81.3 billion in assets under management.

The investment firm was founded in 1930, by Van Duyn Dodge and E. Morris Cox. With this long history in background, there is also a long performance review available.

Over the recent years, the fund's performance suffered a bit. There was a small underperformance of 2.7 percent over the recent three years and 9.2 percent over the past five years. The excess gain to the S&P 500 over the longer term was also small with up to 2.9 percent at the peak (15 years).

They own in total 163 companies of which two were recently new in the fund. Kraft Foods Group and Abbvie are the two names.

Dodge & Cox have a real focus on financial, healthcare and technology stocks. More than half of their funds (59.9 percent) are invested in these three stock categories. The biggest impact on the buy side had the technology sector which is now net 0.7 percentage points bigger compared to the previous quarter.

Dodge & Cox have a dividend focus and they like large capitalized stocks. From their 20 biggest stock purchases in Q1/13 pay 17 a solid dividend and 17 have a valuation over USD 10 billion. Hewlett Packard is the biggest holding, worth around USD 4 billion. The latest big stock increases are up 26.03 percent year-to-date.

Here is the full table with some fundamentals (NYSE:TTM):

Dodge & Cox Latest Dividend Stock Buys And Income Holdings...

Take a closer look at the full list. The average P/E ratio amounts to 19.97 and forward P/E ratio is 14.77. The dividend yield has a value of 1.98 percent. Price to book ratio is 4.42 and price to sales ratio 2.47. The operating margin amounts to 21.37 percent and the beta ratio is 0.97. Stocks from the list have an average debt to equity ratio of 1.44.

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