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Cheapest Dividend Paying Large Caps As Of July 2013

|Includes: AEG, BP p.l.c. (BP), FCX, KSS, LNC, MGA, MPC, MUR, NEM, NOV, PKX, PTR, VLO

Cheap large capitalized stocks with high growth originally published at " Dividend stocks with lovely looking fundamentals and cheap price ratios can promise you a good return but they are also very rare. The higher the efforts of your screen are, the lower the number of results you get. Today I would like to update my monthly screen about the cheapest dividend paying stocks on the capital market. I use six very strong criteria and only around a dozen companies remain each month.

My criteria for the cheap large cap screen are:

- Market Capitalization over USD 10 billion

- Expected Earnings per share growth over 10 percent for the next year.

- P/E ratio under 15

- P/S and P/B ratio under 2

- Positive Dividends

Thirteen companies fulfilled this time the criteria and nine of them have a current buy or better rating. One stock has a high yield on a twelve trailing month basis (5 percent dividend yield). To buy cheap stocks is no guarantee for a return but you get value for what you pay and the possibility to overpay a stock is also low is the business model is somehow stable.

Here is the full table with some fundamentals:

Cheapest Dividend Paying Large Caps As Of July 2013....

Take a look at the full list of cheap large capitalized stocks with highest expected earnings per share growth. The average P/E ratio amounts to 10.39 while the forward P/E ratio is 9.14. P/S ratio is 0.71 and P/B ratio 1.26. The expected earnings growth for next year amounts to 15.44 and 9.31 percent for the upcoming five years.

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