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The Best Ex-Dividend Stocks For Next Month

Monthly high yielding shares researched by "". We are coming to the end of August and I would like to look forward to find good stock ideas for the next month. I try to screen some interesting stocks that go ex-dividend within the next month.

I also publish articles each day on my site about the biggest ex-dividend shares of the next trading day. Let me say one thing. There is no margin trade idea behind because on the ex date, the stock will be traded ex-dividend and for a return of 0.5 percent it's not attractive to hunt for a margin trade because the daily fluctuations are much higher.

But it makes sense to look at these lists because you get a quick overview about the stocks with a possible rising trading volume and if you are a long-term dividend investor, you get a quick cash return and don't need to wait for the next dividend period.

However, every month, I create a small list about interesting high yielding stocks with ex-dividend date for the next month. I think it could bring you some values to see what companies pay you cash next month with an attractive equity story.

As result, I found 72 stocks with an average dividend yield of 7.89 percent. Ten stocks have a double-digit yield and 28 a high yield below 10 percent but over 5 percent. 32 stocks from the results have a buy or better recommendation.

Here is the list of the best ex-dividend shares:

The Best Ex-Dividend Stocks For Next Month...

Take a closer look at the full table of high yield stocks with Ex-Dividend Date in September 2013. The average yield amounts to 6.25 percent. Stocks from the screen are valuated with a P/E ratio of 20.97. The average P/S ratio is 3.66 and P/B 2.60.

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